The Ending Of Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Explained
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Grab your push pins and string, because you’re going to need an evidence wall to rival Ben Stone’s if you have any hope of following the plot of “Manifest.” 

The story follows the survivors of the New York-bound Montego Airways Flight 828, which misses its arrival time by half a decade. When the passengers finally arrive to find their loved ones have moved on, reclaiming their lives is hampered even further as they soon find themselves stricken with prescient but puzzling hallucinations that seem to nudge them toward certain actions.

Through the DNA of his cancer-stricken son Cal, Ben Stone begins to uncover a mythological component with the help of a few fellow passengers, including Dr. Saanvi Bahl and his sister, Detective Michaela Stone. Along the way, they face numerous obstacles including the U.S. government’s efforts to weaponize the Callings (an anti-828 hate group that wants them dead) and a splinter group of 828ers’ creepy end times cult. 

Enter Angelina Meyer, the fragile narcissist whose religious trauma fuels her belief that she is some sort of avenging angel. The Stones realize the Callings are connected to the Divine Consciousness, channeled through the Omega Sapphire, and each survivor’s return came with a built-in Death Date that kicks in if they are judged unworthy on that date. Michaela marries Zeke, a man she met in the Glow. Angelina kills Ben’s wife, abducts his kid, gets infused with Omega Sapphire, and starts to bring about the End of Days.

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