The Tragic True Story Behind Netflix's New Drama Series
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The events of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster, were so devastating to Japan that they led to nearly 20,000 casualties. Meanwhile, thousands more were injured as a result of the disasters, and countless others went missing amid the chaos.

A 30-kilometer no-fly zone was soon set up by the Japanese government, and a land area of 20 kilometers surrounding the Fukushima plant was evacuated. This area was soon expanded as efforts to cool the reactors by flooding them with seawater and boric acid continued. Eventually, things grew so desperate that relief workers began using water cannons to try and cool the fuel rods and stave off further disaster.

Though the worst-case scenario that Tokyo might become uninhabitable for decades did not ultimately come to fruition, the fallout of the disaster was severe enough that even over a decade later, cleanup still isn’t close to being completed. In fact, it’s expected that it won’t be completely cleaned up until the early 2050s.

As for “The Days,” the series is said to be a fairly accurate representation of the events. As of this writing, the show is sitting in the Netflix Top 10 in several countries, including Canada and Japan. Whether it will be able to create the kind of zeitgeist that Sky and HBO’s “Chernobyl” did, however, remains to be seen.

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