Whatever Happened To Seedsheets After Shark Tank?
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When trying to get Cam MacKugler to accept her offer of $500,000 for 20 percent, Lori Greiner promised to try and garner more publicity for Seedsheets via QVC. She did exactly this in 2017, bringing MacKugler on TV to demonstrate his invention. Referring to MacKugler as the “garden whisperer,” Greiner sold the garden kits for $24.96 each.

However, these are no longer available through QVC, perhaps because many customers were displeased with the product they received. In response to a video posted by the home shopping platform, one dissatisfied customer commented, “Great idea, mine were super late getting to me and oh gosh weeks later they look pitiful … with what I spent … I would never ever buy this product again.” Another said, “Sad to say spent $50 on nothing those little plastic bags [the] seeds are in broke…”

Over on Amazon, where Seedsheets are also no longer available, most of the reviews are very similar. Several purchasers didn’t see much — or any — growth in their garden, despite following the instructions that, apparently, one must obtain by texting a phone number. One said, “Followed the directions perfectly and nothing grew. Reached out to the company for replacement seeds and help and got no response.”

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