Who Was The Dinosaur In Across The Spider-Verse? Spider-Rex Explained
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Fittingly, Spider-Rex’s first comic book appearance came in the first issue of the limited series “Edge of Spider-Verse” Vol. 2. In this issue, fans learned of Pter Ptarker’s backstory, which essentially takes all the classic Spider-Man tropes and dinosaur-izes them. As the story goes, Pter Ptarker was originally a Pteranodon that was prey for the ultra-strong Norrannosaurman (that is a Norman Osborne analog, thanks for asking). Before he could be killed, however, the mortal enemies were both struck by meteor full of…alien spiders. Not only did the spiders give them superpowers, but it also miraculously switched their bodies, turning Pter Ptarker into the triumphant T-Rex he is today.

From there, Spider-Rex crossed over into the mainline “Spider-Man” comic book series, getting wrapped up in a multiverse-hopping Spidey-vs.-Spidey plot thanks to the machinations of Shathra. Now, he’s made his animated debut in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” Jury’s still out on how big of a role he has in “Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse,” though, if he has one at all.

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