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It’s been too long since we’ve gotten even a verbal update on the state of MachineGames’ Indiana Jones project. While we know that game isn’t directly related to Dial of Destiny, the upcoming release of that major movie seemingly offers the perfect excuse for Xbox and Bethesda to share something about their own Indiana Jones project. I wouldn’t expect anything more than a teaser trailer with a 2024 release window at the absolute best, but even that would be more welcome than the silence we’ve been treated to thus far. 

Fable Defies Expectations and Gets a New Teaser Trailer

This one is floating somewhere between a rumor and a prediction, but there is a ton of buzz surrounding Fable in relation to the upcoming Xbox event.

Early on, it seemed like there was no chance Fable would appear during the upcoming Xbox showcase. An Xbox executive even denied reports that he was trying to tease a Fable update. However, industry insider Jeff Grubb recently suggested that the situation surrounding Fable now seems to be a little more ambiguous than he previously thought.

More importantly, a report from earlier this year suggested that Fable may actually be in (or near) a somewhat playable state. With Xbox promising that their upcoming event footage will be, at worst, “in-engine,” it sounds like we might be due for a Fable teaser trailer. At the very least, you should expect to see Fable before you see Perfect Dark if the reports surrounding that game’s development are anywhere close to true. 

The Reveal of an (Amazing) Starfield Controller

We know Starfield is going to be heavily featured during Xbox’s upcoming event. Actually, Starfield is basically going to have its own mini-event that is supposed to be filled with quite a bit of new gameplay footage. However, a series of recent reports suggest that we’ll actually get a few Starfield treats during the show.

In fact, multiple people have spotted a special Starfield controller and Starfield headphones at various retailers. It seems like a few stores simply jumped the gun on putting those accessories out for display. So, if you’re into fancy hardware, just know that these Starfield accessories look phenomenal and appear to be quite expensive. 

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