Why Zack Snyder Wants To Make The Dark Knight Returns With Robert De Niro
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“I think probably in their 50s, and they could play in their 60s, early 60s. I think he’s still in his late 50s in the comic book,” Zack Snyder said of what he’d be looking for. “But still, that’s old for knocking around [and] fighting. I always love, also, how big he is in the book.” The filmmaker gave a couple of indicators of how large Batman is in the famed comic. “There’s that shot where he’s carrying [Carrie Kelley], and she’s just so small in his arms. You just have to find some big f***ing guy. Who’s huge?”

Of course, the obvious response to this idea immediately came up when the director mentioned his dream adaptation. After all, between Batman’s bloody bout with Superman and his heavy metal armor, there’s plenty of “The Dark Knight Returns” DNA in “Batman v Superman.” Still, addressing the concern that he’d already used up too much of the material in his 2016 film, Snyder assured fans that this wasn’t the case. “I was like, ‘I haven’t, I promise you!'” he recalled telling an unnamed associate who approached him with this concern.

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