AI Stocks May Be Worth Trillions to Tech Investors in 2023
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The last year has been terrible for tech companies. Look at ARK Innovation ETF. It went from being an investor favorite to having a brutal 2022 once the market realized that many of these stocks were overpriced, and macroeconomic pressures started to kill tech stocks.

Legendary investor Eric Fry (photo courtesy of InvestorPlace)

Legendary investor Eric Fry observed this phenomenon early and issued a bearish alert. Soon after, the tech darling ETF dropped 70 percent in price.

His readers potentially avoided a major financial loss and could have made a lot on the short — all because Eric is one of the few investors who sees through the deception of the tech market and its overpriced stocks.

That is why it was so surprising to hear how bullish he was on one new technology.

In his latest video presentation, Fry unveiled what he believes to be the biggest wealth building opportunity in the world right now.

Elon Musk may have ushered in AI’s mainstream moment, which could be worth trillions to investors.

Between Twitter’s data feed and the 160 billion frames per day of video collected by Tesla’s autopilot feature, Musk may have the data stockpile necessary to create physical AI robots.

According to legendary futurist Eric Fry, we’re not far away from this reality. And “Project Omega” may be the key piece of technology to get us there.

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk has got an impressive track record. PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla… all big companies. But Fry believes “Project Omega” will be much bigger than all of those combined!

In 2016, Fry shocked the financial world when he posted a mammoth 150 percent return in just one year—earning him the title of “America’s Top Trader.”

He says the AI catalyst is going to upend everything you know about the world. The good news is that he has three ways you can avoid being ruined when AI goes mainstream.

Take advantage of these millionaire-making opportunities today, and you could be one of the few who benefits from what Forbes is calling “the greatest profit engine in history.”

This presentation reveals how to take part.

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