America First: New Jersey State Senator Ed Durr Defeats GOP Establishment Challenger
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America First New Jersey State Senate candidate Ed Durr (R-Logan Township) won his primary election on Tuesday despite fierce opposition from the Garden State’s Republican establishment.

Senator Ed Durr, who represents New Jersey’s Third Senate district in Trenton, won a resounding victory Tuesday night over his establishment opponent, Assemblywoman Beth Sawyer, in a Garden State victory for the America First movement.

Durr first won election to the New Jersey State Senate in 2021, defeating twenty-year incumbent Democrat Stephen Sweeney, who was president of the New Jersey Senate for over a decade. Durr, a trucker by trade, won with under 3,000 dollars in funding, shocking New Jersey’s Democrat and GOP establishments alike.

In the State Senate, Durr has supported an America First agenda and has arguably been the most pro-MAGA member of the legislative body. Durr has pushed to expand Second Amendment rights, ban abortion, lower New Jersey’s absurdly high taxes, and has introduced anti-groomer legislation.

Perhaps due to his America First agenda, Durr was a target of the Republican Establishment in Trenton who recruited his district mate in the State Assembly, Beth Sawyer, to run against him. Sawyer had been Durr’s ticket mate; however, after winning, Sawyer attacked Durr over his conservative stances.

Yet in a victory for the America First movement, Durr soundly defeated Sawyer winning by over twenty-eight points in the primary. Durr will go on to face Democrat John Burzichelli to represent the South Jersey district in the New Jersey State Senate.

November’s race is expected to be close as Durr will be a top target of the Garden State’s Democrat political machine. South Jersey has been rapidly moving to the right and the November election will be a bellwether on the political future of South Jersey and New Jersey as a whole as the state moves to the right.

This report was authored by Adam Danberg. Adam is a reporter based in the Hudson Valley of New York. He is involved in local politics and is an avid history buff dedicated to saving New York.

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