American Library Association Helped Create Legislation to Keep Sexual Material in School Libraries
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The American Library Association (ALA), a once-respected entity, has been at the forefront of progressive efforts to use the education system to indoctrinate young children into far-leftist ideas on race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Its leadership has openly stated that its objective is to influence young minds into embracing progressive ideology.

A recent report revealed that the ALA helped draft legislation that would stop school libraries from removing sexually inappropriate material from its shelves.

The former president of the American Library Association (ALA) said the organization helped “develop” legislation intended to combat attempts to remove sexually explicit books from school libraries, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Right To Read Act, reintroduced by Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and Democratic Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva in April, ensures students can access “culturally diverse and inclusive materials,” including sexually explicit books, as well as granting liability protections for librarians who curate these materials. The bill is explicitly intended to rebuff efforts by parents and Republican lawmakers to remove sexually explicit content from school libraries, according to a press release from the lawmakers.

The legislation is ostensibly intended to promote literacy in the face of widespread “book bans” being implemented by red states and local school districts.

“The Right to Read Act will address disparities in access to school library resources for under-resourced communities and invest critical federal funding to address student literacy in Arizona and across the country,” said Rep. Grijalva. “Under the House Republican majority, GOP politicians have sought to politicize our children’s schools and enable the voices of an extreme few dictate what children can or cannot read. The Right to Read Act is a direct response to those efforts and reaffirms that first amendment rights apply to school libraries, given the alarming trend of book banning, and protects school librarians and other educators in carrying out their duty to protect students’ right to read.”

“Literacy is the foundation of learning. The Right to Read Act makes sure that every student across America has access to the opportunities literacy provides through high-quality, appropriately staffed school libraries and diverse and inclusive books in schools and at home,” said Senator Reed. “By improving and expanding school libraries and recruiting and retaining professional school librarians, we can make big literacy gains nationwide and help more kids develop the skills needed to become proficient, enthusiastic readers.”

The bill promises to increase federal investment in literacy initiatives and address the problem of under-resourced school libraries. However, couched in the measure is an effort to keep books containing sexually inappropriate content in places where they are easily accessible by small children. This report further highlights the reality that the ALA, a taxpayer-funded entity, has become even more politicized over the years.

The organization’s president, Emily Drabinski, was recently caught telling an audience at a Socialism conference that the objective is to turn libraries into “sites of socialist organizing.”

This casts doubt on the idea that the ALA and progressive lawmakers simply wish to make sure students are receiving a quality education. In reality, these entities seek to further indoctrinate kids into their ideology through the educational system – especially when it comes to persuading youngsters to embrace leftist ideology on sexuality and gender identity. These folks have already come under fire for using schools to influence students without the knowledge or consent of parents. Now, they are trying to use the power of the state to enforce this effort.

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