Motor oil is a risky substance for the environment and must be disposed of properly
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AMERICANS are discovering that it’s important to monitor what they throw out in the trash, with some common items resulting in expensive fines or even jail time.

While some items make sense and should be disposed of properly, other items could be disposed of as a mistake, resulting in legal issues.

Motor oil is a risky substance for the environment and must be disposed of properly

Motor oil is a risky substance for the environment and must be disposed of properlyCredit: Getty
Many electronics can't be tossed in the trash

Many electronics can’t be tossed in the trashCredit: Getty

Items that shouldn’t be thrown in the trash include various electronics like batteries, TV sets, and computers.

28 states in the U.S. have laws against people throwing their electronics in the garbage since these can create ecological hazards.

A dangerous item to dispose of is motor oil, which could result in a $50,000 fee and imprisonment for up to five years.

The Daily Mail compiled a list of household items that shouldn’t be thrown in the trash.

Here are five you should avoid:


While traditional alkaline batteries are fine to toss in the trash, those that are coin-shaped are illegal.

These batteries tend to be made from lithium, an element that could contaminate the environment if it leaks out of the bag.

Violators can be fined $50 on a first offense, $100 a second time, and $200 for the third violation.

TVs and Computers

TVs and laptops are packed with plastics, circuits, and metals that can’t be tossed in the trash.

These items must be taken to a recycling place or donated, with some states fining $100 to violators.

Smartphones and tablets

Some states fine $100 to people who throw their smartphones and tables in the trash.

Many materials in these devices are flammable, resulting in toxic waste that harms the environment.

Motor oil

Motor oil is one of the riskiest items to toss in the trash, especially since it’s packed with harmful agents that can hurt wildlife, plants, soil, and water.

Violators may face up to two years in prison for disposing of motor oil incorrectly.

They may also be fined $50,000.


Lastly, microwaves are considered e-waste in different states, containing various materials that should be disposed of in separate containers.

They also contain motors and switches, making them dangerous to be disposed of in the trash.

Violators could be fined $100.

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