Biden HHS Wants to 'Stop Vetting' Migrant Kids' Foster Parents
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The Biden Health and Human Services Department wants to “stop vetting” the people it hands unaccompanied illegal migrant children over to after they’re detained at the US southern border, processed through holding facilities, and released to foster parents and “sponsors” located all over the United States. What’s more, is that a group of US Senators is saying Biden’s Office of Refugee Resettlement is already handing vulnerable children over to drug-using sponsors with criminal records and histories of child abuse.

The Biden Regime’s HHS is moving to cut red tape for child traffickers and make it easier for real-life monsters to obtain legal custody of vulnerable children who are being placed with “sponsors” throughout the United States after illegally crossing the southern border without their parents.

To do so, the HHS is looking at changing its own rules to “stop vetting” the people it places the unaccompanied children with.

In response to the Biden HHS attempt to cut away red tape for child traffickers, 39 GOP Senators, led by Iowa’s Chuck Grassley, signed onto a letter calling the proposed rule change “alarming, dangerous, and potentially illegal.”

The letter, addressed to Biden’s Acting Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families, Jeff Hild, and Director of the Office for Refugee Resettlement (ORR), Robin Dunn Marcos, demanded that the rule change sought by Biden’s bureaucrats be abandoned. If it’s not, the Senators say that they’ll shut it down by forcing a full Congressional vote on the matter.

The letter also blew the whistle on already-existing ORR practices that result in kids being handed off to drug abusers, child abusers, and people with other forms of criminal records because the ORR refuses to check into their backgrounds.

HHS and ORR, the letter states, have already been found by Congress and the Office of the Inspector General to be engaging in “chronic foot-dragging—if not total reluctance—when it comes to protecting vulnerable children” while “provide[ing] ample protections to government bureaucrats at the expense of children.”

“ORR does not even consider a sponsor’s criminal record, current illegal drug use, history of abuse or neglect, or other child welfare concerns ‘necessarily disqualifying to potential sponsorship’,” the letter goes on to reveal, adding the ORR accepts prospective sponsors claims of a clean background “almost entirely on face value.”

The efforts from the Biden HHS to cut red tape for child traffickers and other abusers looking to gain access to vulnerable migrant children is one of the numerous issues plaguing the southern border that’s come to the forefront in recent weeks and months, thanks in large part to enterprising journalists who have traveled to the Southwest to do the reporting that corporate media won’t.

Children have been among the biggest victims of Biden’s open border, with the HHS reporting that more than 128,000 unaccompanied kids were brought into the United States (almost exclusively by cartel-linked human traffickers) in fiscal year 2022 alone – and those are just the numbers they give to the public.

In addition to being sent straight into the homes of child predators by the US government and its “non-profit” partners, the situation at the border has led to a massive surge in labor trafficking, including that of children, effectively creating a modern-day slave trade in 21st-century America.

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