Brazil: Leftists Target Soccer Star Neymar, Over His Support for President Jair Bolsonaro

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Brazilian soccer star Neymar — one of the world’s most popular athletes — has found himself in the crosshairs of leftists due to his support for President Jair Bolsonaro in the recent election. Neymar previously spent weeks campaigning for incumbent Bolsonaro, who came up short on official tallies against leftist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in an election marred by allegations of fraud. Lula da Silva — commonly referred to as simply ‘Lula’ — has stated that Neymar is free to his opinions, but also mentioned his income taxes in what has been seen by some as a vague threat.

“People know what is best for our Brazil,” said the Paris Saint-Germain superstar shortly before the nation’s run-off election last month. Speaking in reference to the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year, Neymar said. “Everything would be wonderful: Bolsonaro re-elected, Brazil champion, and everyone happy.”

Neymar, 30, has stated that Bolsonaro’s values are in line with his own and those of his family. “I realized that I need this strength, I know that it would help many people,” the soccer superstar said.

Ultimately it was Lula who emerged victorious on official tallies, however, although the election has been marred by accusations of fraud and heavy-handed censorship from the nation’s judiciary.

In a recent interview with the Flow podcast — one of the largest in Brazil — the nation’s leftist president-elect accused Bolsonaro of crafting an illegal deal with Neymar to forgive the soccer player’s income tax.

“I’m not angry. Neymar has the right to choose whoever he wants as president,” Lula said of Neymar’s opposition to his campaign. Lula — who was previously jailed on corruption charges — then went on to issue what has been seen by many as a threat to target Neymar on financial indiscretions.

“I think he’s afraid that if I win the election, he’ll find out that Bolsonaro let him off for his income tax debt. I think that’s why he’s afraid of me,” Lula said.

He then went on to accuse Neymar of negotiating an illegal deal with Bolsonaro in order to cheat taxes and save money. “Obviously, Bolsonaro made a deal with (Neymar’s) father. He now has an income tax problem in Spain,” Lula said.

Lula then added that the issue was something the internal revenue service should look into, not the president.

Neymar was previously facing corruption and fraud charges after the Brazilian investment firm DIS owned 40% of the rights to Neymar when he was at Santos. The firm claims it suffered financial losses from the 30-year-old’s transfer.

Neymar’s parents were named as defendants in the case along with former Barcelona presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell. Ex-Santos President Odilio Rodrigues was also listed as a defendant, Fox News reported.

According to a court document released in July, Barcelona is accused of initiating negotiations with Neymar in 2011. The Spanish mega-club allegedly paid him 40 million euros in an effort to guarantee he joined the club when his contract with Santos expired in 2014.

Ultimately, the charges were dropped, with a prosecutor telling ESPN that he found the trial excessive.

“I believe it’s excessive to consider that offering 40 million euros is a crime,” the prosecutor told ESPN.

During the election campaign, Alexander de Moraes barred several magazines, journals, and other outlets, describing them as as “Brasil Paralelo, O Antogonista, Gazeta do Povo.” The publications were describing Lula as a friend of many criminal organizations, including “PCC”.

The anti-free press Judge Minister, who apparently thinks he’s the arbiter of truth, has been accused of “clearly pulling the strings” to help Lula, a “criminal” socialist to steal the election.

Nicknamed the “Trump of the Tropics” by his affectionate fans around the globe, Jair Bolsonaro was “defeated” in a contested election with massive allegations of fraud.

The election, which was closely watched by political power brokers and enthusiasts all over the world, was reported to have featured electronic machines and voting technology from Dominion and Smartmatic, two firms that played and continue to play a central role in documented 2020 fraud claims in the United States. Those allegations have not been confirmed, and remain in dispute, according to left-leaning outlets like NPR.

Much like in America, Brazil’s election has been marred by allegations of massive fraud, observable irregularities, and foreign meddling – as extensively investigated and reported by National File.

The race is so questionable, in fact, that ballots deemed “invalid” outnumber Lula’s reported margin of “victory” by millions.

Read More: ‘Invalid’ Ballots Outnumber Lula’s Margin of Victory by Millions in Brazil

It’s easy to see though, how Lula would come to benefit from such election malfeasance, when his close ties to international communism and groups like the World Economic Forum, are examined.

National File EXCLUSIVE: Shady CCP-Tied, Epstein-Directed Nonprofit Figures Prominently in Commie Takeover of Brazil

Though the situation is dire, the Brazilian people have yet to waiver in their support for President Bolsonaro, and the Christian, Western principles it’s built upon.

Amidst massive election integrity protests, Vice President Hamilton Mourão, a military man and Brazilian national hero referred to as the “People’s General,” called on the people of his nation to “courageously resist” Lula’s communist takeover.

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