Burger King Facing Boycotts for Pulling Advertising From Rumble Over Russell Brand Controversy
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The controversy over the sexual assault allegations against podcaster and comedian Russell Brand continues to dominate political discourse. When accusations emerged, it led to a series of occurrences that have made ripples in the world of entertainment and business.

Brand, who has denied the allegations, finds himself at the center of a storm. But now, companies like Burger King and others have also been targeted for criticism after it was revealed they pulled their advertising from the video-sharing platform Rumble, which has continued to allow Brand to broadcast on their platform after YouTube demonetized his channel due to the controversy.

The revelation came from The News Movement, a TikTok channel.

Burger King and other companies have removed their adverts from a video-sharing platform that continues to host Russell Brand after he was accused of rape and sexual assault, [news outlet] i can reveal.

The move by several firms, selling everything from software to soft toys, to pull their ads from US-based Rumble follows the decision by YouTube to suspend ad revenue on the comedian’s channels – and Rumble’s refusal to follow suit.

Now, it appears that Burger King might get the Bud Light treatment, with several conservative influencers threatening to boycott the fast-food giant.

The allegations against Brand are quite serious. A joint investigation by The Sunday Times, the Times, and U.K. broadcaster Channel 4’s Dispatches program covered claims coming from multiple women alleging that Brand had committed rape and sexual abuse against them between 2006 and 2013. One of the most appalling accusations is that he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl when he was in his early 30s. She claims he referred to her as “the child” and detailed instances of emotional abuse and controlling behavior.

On the other hand, Brand has denied these allegations and indicated that it is part of an effort to smear him because of his prominent platform on which he constantly expresses anti-establishment views. Indeed, he is not the only high-profile individual who found themselves in a similar predicament after speaking out against the government and authoritarian forces in society. Many have defended the podcaster, arguing that it is a media-inspired witch hunt and pointing out that these allegations never surfaced when Brand was not a political figure.

Rumble has been pressured to demonetize Brand’s channel as well. A member of the United Kingdom’s Parliament sent a letter to the company asking if it will remove advertising revenue from his channel. The company refused.

The women making the accusations have remained anonymous, and there have been no charges filed against Brand at the moment.

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