Carol Miller Supported Biden's DoD Jab Mandate that Killed Servicemembers
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Multi-jabbed Republican Carol Miller (WV-1) supported Joe Biden’s Department of Defense COVID jab mandate that was directly responsible for a massive increase in sudden deaths, miscarriages, and other serious health defects among American servicemembers.

Carol Miller voted in 2022 for the more than $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill that funded and affirmed the Biden Administration’s deadly jab mandate on military members and federal workers, long after it became clear that the COVID jabs were ineffective and deadly.

Though the mandate was later struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, the damage was already done, and servicemembers who refused to comply with the mandate had their lives destroyed – while scores of those who did comply were left with severe health issues.

And the jab mandate wasn’t the only form of COVID tyranny that Miller supported, as she also backed extended lockdowns and forced masking – and she even profited off of the COVID mayhem!

In July 2020, Miller’s husband, Matt Miller, purchased more than $50,000 worth of shares in Abbott Laboratories, the COVID test producer that was also largely responsible for a widespread shortage in baby formula, that just so happened to coincide with the lockdowns.

Unsurprisingly, Miller refused to discuss her family’s COVID profits with the media.

She did, however, discuss her disdain for the unjabbed.

In a December 2021 interview with West Virginia’s Eyewitness News, Miller said that she had already been jabbed twice with the COVID “vaccine” and was planning to be jabbed at least once more, in the form of a “booster” shot.

She also advised pro-jab West Virginians to steer clear of their unjabbed counterparts, echoing much of the segregationist sentiment that was directed toward millions of Americans throughout the so-called pandemic and continues to this day.

As Eyewitness News reported at the time:

“I chose to have two vaccines. I’m going to get my booster as well,” Miller said.

Some people still don’t want to get the vaccine. How do you get them to take the vaccine?

“I don’t know that you can convince them, but you can also choose not to be around them because they are not vaccinated,” Miller said.

Roughly four months before her interview with Eyewitness News, in August of 2021, Rep. Miller celebrated the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer injection that has become known as the deadliest “vaccine” in human history and has been identified as a bioweapon.

Miller and her political class peers celebrated the release of the jab despite evidence during the trial phase that it was lethal, and not fit for use in humans, or anything else for that matter.

“If you haven’t yet, get vaccinated and help us all combat this virus,” she told her constituents, and whoever else was reading, advising untold scores of people to take the jab that has led to mass die-offs, heart attacks, miscarriages, and an ever-growing list of horrors all over the world.

Carol Miller COVID Vaccine

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