Biden's Hypocritical Mask Theater Is Back—Says One Thing, Does the Opposite
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Yes, America — it’s that time of year, again. Making Christmas lists, decorating the house with holiday cheer, and watching the anticipation grow on the faces of the little ones as Santa’s arrival draws near. Oh, and dusting off the COVID masks, and firing up those bad boys up, again.

What’s that you say? Bah, humbug!? 

Au contraire, according to the never-wrong, always-right Centers for Disease Control. CDC Director Mandy Cohen released a video on Wednesday recommending masking this winter for those who are sick, or prone to getting sick, and who want to take extra precautions amid rising respiratory illnesses. 

People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a high-quality mask or respirator when indoors in public.

Cohen said respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases are “elevated” this season, with COVID and pneumonia cases especially on the rise.

So, you in or you out? 

To be sure, I’m neither offering medical advice nor suggesting that those needing to take necessary precautions should ignore the CDC’s latest masking recommendation. That said, medical opinions on the efficacy of over-the-counter masks preventing or lessening the effects of COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, are all over the map. Several examples:

See what I mean? 

Here’s more:

There has been a 1.2 percent increase in Covid test positivity in the most recent week, and a 10 percent increase in hospital admissions, according to the CDC.

The CDC recommends that people take additional precautions to protect themselves against viruses, like getting the Covid vaccine, the flu vaccine, and the RSV vaccine for those over the age of 60.

Cohen said other layers of protection include washing your hands, improving ventilation, and wearing a mask.

Masking recommendations eased up over the summer, but the CDC seems to be tightening guidance on mask wearing this winter as viruses spread.

Yeah, I’m gonna sit this one out. Just like I sat out every other masking recommendation or mandate I could get away with. But, hey — to each his or her own, right? 

Oh, hey! I almost forgot! 

If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift for a friend or loved one who insists on wearing a mask when driving alone, The Babylon Bee has you covered! Yup, check out the new outdoor seatbelt! Made just for that special someone who looks like an idiot, all masked up and alone in a car.

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