Chef Dammy turns off gas to pick beans, she has now cooked for over 20hours and counting
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In a stunning exhibition of culinary passion, chef Dammy embarked on a 120-hour cook-a-thon to shatter Hilda Baci’s previous record.

The challenge, however, took an unexpected turn when the chef had to turn off the gas to pick beans, resulting in an extended cooking time that has already crossed 20 hours and counting.

The enthralling achievement has piqued the interest of social media users, who are intrigued and impressed by the chef’s stamina and determination.

Inspired by Hilda Baci’s previous record, the chef set out on a marathon cooking session with the goal of surpassing the established mark.

In the midst of the cookathon, the chef found it necessary to shut off the gas to tend to the task of picking beans.

As a result of this interruption, the chef has now been cooking for over 20 hours and counting, surpassing their initial estimates.

Despite the unexpected delay, the chef’s unwavering determination and commitment to the challenge have garnered attention and admiration from onlookers.

A video posted on Instagram by popular gossip account @gossipmilltv showcases the chef’s endurance and relentless pursuit of their goal.

Social media users have been quick to share their awe and support for the chef’s determination.

Messages of encouragement and admiration for their perseverance flood the comments section, with many expressing their anticipation for the final outcome of the cookathon.

As the hours continue to accumulate, the Ekiti chef remains committed to their cause, fueled by the support and encouragement of her followers.

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