Conservatives Worry About Leftist/Antifa Agitators as Trump Arrest Looms

Last Updated on March 20, 2023


Video taken Monday shows New York Police Department officers constructing steel barriers outside of Manhattan District Court. Stew Peters tweeted Monday that New York City Antifa has a history of using the same steel barriers as weapons against NYPD. Trump has said he expects to be arrested in New York on Tuesday.

Stew Peters sounded warning bells of New York City Antifa dressing like Trump supporters and causing violence. Peters tweeted Monday afternoon, “Antifa in NYC has a history of using steel crowd control barriers as weapons against NYPD police. Just ask the Proud Boys, who have tried to protect folks AGAINST Antifa thugs. The Democrats (and DeSantis supporters) would LOVE to have video footage of “MAGA” supporters (Read: FEDS) doing the very same. Antifa in NYC, plus feds, will ABSOLUTELY dress up as “MAGA” folks and slam steel barriers into NYPD.”

Peters questioned NYPD’s tactics “Why would NYPD put up these barriers when they KNOW that Antifa weaponizes the barriers Every. Single. TIME? ANSWER: So “MAGA” LARPers can throw them and get a handful of legitimate protestors tied up in court” Peters tweeted

Peter’s also tweeted a video from November 2022 that shows New York City Antifa using steel barriers as a weapon against NYPD. The video shows Antifa’s flag in the background as New York City Antifa picks up steel barriers and uses the barriers to push NYPD back. “Before: Antifa uses steel barriers as weapons. AFTER: NYPD bring steel barriers for feds to use to frame MAGA Patriots told to protest” Peters said.

Following Stew Peters’ tweets, Juanita Broaddrick tweeted, “Lights, cameras, action Hollywood style Pre- Production outside Manhattan’s Criminal Court 3/21. Soros Antifa thugs in Trump hats and shirts rioting and destroying……You will not be arrested. Peaceful Trump supporters…. You will be arrested.”

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