Menendez 'Should Resign' or Dem Leadership Should Push Him Out
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Anchor Manu Raju said, “First, on the Menendez news, there’s serious allegations against the senator. Do you believe he should resign from the Senate?”

Phillips said, “First of all, everybody’s innocent until proven guilty, thank goodness, still in our country. But I’m appalled. Anybody who pays attention, I don’t care your politics, Democrat or Republican, you should be appalled. A member of Congress who appears to have broken the law is someone who I believe should resign. George Santos should have resigned already. Sadly, our House ethics process and the Senate as well is not as proficient as it needs to be. So we have to rely on the judicial system.”

He added, “I’m a Democrat, so is Senator Menendez. But based on what I have seen, I’m disappointed. Yes, I think he should resign.”

Raju said, “Do you think Democrat leadership should lean on him, push him out?”

Phillips said, “I’m trying to restore faith in government. That’s one of my missions. It’s a lot of my colleagues’ missions. And sometimes, we’ve got to walk that talk, even if it’s uncomfortable. And I would argue that this time. Yes, the answer is absolutely.”

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