China Spy Balloon Isn't a New Issue, They've Had Satellites 'for Years'
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On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Chris Jansing Reports,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) stated that the Biden administration should give all migrants in the country work permits and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) it recently expanded for Venezuelans, and stated that “I heard this coming from immigrants from North Africa, from Afghanistan, from Ukraine, it’s essential.” And we also need diplomacy “to end these crises in these home countries to stem the tide.”

Quigley said, “I see the effects of the migrant crisis in my home city of Chicago, and I traveled to New York with my colleagues last Friday. I think the president just did something that will be the most important tool. Obviously, he has to fund those — provide those resources necessary to provide shelter and food and schooling and health care for these migrants, but he just allowed Venezuelans to immediately seek work permits. You want to empty out the shelters? Let these folks work. I’ve met many many migrants, they all want to work. They want to pursue the American Dream. They know the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, and they remind us that the Statue of Liberty is not holding up a stop sign.”

Host Chris Jansing then asked, “So, you think this can work beyond New York, you’d love to see that happen in Chicago?”

Quigley answered, “I think it needs to happen everywhere. I think it’s part of the American Dream. I think those tools are at our fingertips. Clear the shelters with the work permits and giving them the status, not just for Venezuelans, but for all. I heard this coming from immigrants from North Africa, from Afghanistan, from Ukraine, it’s essential. And I think the final thing is the diplomatic efforts that have to take place to end these crises in these home countries to stem the tide.”

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