TikToker Tamika shared her horror story that she expirienced with Frontier
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AN angered traveler has called for everyone to boycott Frontier Airlines as she was left solutionless and trapped after a major last-second change to her flight.

Frontier Airlines changed the terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, Georgia, that travelers were supposed to go to just moments before closing the boarding to the plane.

TikToker Tamika shared her horror story that she expirienced with Frontier

TikToker Tamika shared her horror story that she expirienced with FrontierCredit: TikTok/tamika_thats_it
She could see the plane outside but flight attendants would not let her board after a last-second terminal change

She could see the plane outside but flight attendants would not let her board after a last-second terminal changeCredit: TikTok/tamika_thats_it

The Hartsfield-Jackson is the world’s busiest airport and spans 4,700 acres making a terminal change detrimental.

The airline allegedly did not offer any options for the trapped travelers and a flight attendant did not show empathy.

TikToker Tamika (@tamika_thats_it) took to the platform to share her horror story with Frontier.

Tamika said the airline told flyers who missed boarding that they must rebook their flights which comes with a $99 fee and that the next direct flight will not be until two days later.

“Boycott Frontier Airlines,” Tamika said in the caption on the video

Tamika highlighted how she asked for help and was met with rudeness. 

“I asked for a customer service line and the attendant rolled her eyes and said go on the app,” she said in text over her video.

Tamika explained that she had to run with all her might to get to the new terminal which left her exhausted, and yet was still not able to make it.

“If you want to know why I’m sweating bullets at 7:45 am. Well, the plane I’m supposed to be on is right behind me.

“Well let me tell you. Frontier changed the terminal to the flight so everybody over here ran from terminal E, in Atlanta airport, to terminal D and was denied access to this plane that is right here.

“And now we’ve all been told that we need to re-book our next flight.

“The rebooking fee is $99.

“The next available direct flight is not until Monday morning. It is currently Saturday morning.”

Tamika instructed her followers to call out Frontier for the unfortunate situation.

She insists she will not stop until others are informed and Frontier acknowledges the situation. 

“Please go ahead and tag Frontier as many times as you want to. Because I’m not going to stop because I got time, clearly. I got time, I got til Monday.

People in the comments exaggerated how large the Atlanta Airport is and how it wasn’t just gates that Frontier changed last second, but terminals.

Along with it being common for Frontier to change flights like this frequently.

“As an ex-frontier flight attendant, I can confirm this is a true story! Sorry this happened to you. They are notorious for changing gates last minute,” one commenter said.

“I don’t think ppl understand how big Hartsfield Atlanta is. They didn’t change gates, they changed terminals. They dead wrong for that!” another commenter said.

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