Fake News: Gizmodo, Media Matters Publish Patently False Stories About National File

Last Updated on March 19, 2023


Gizmodo and Media Matters published patently false stories about National File on Friday, claiming that this website is owned and operated by Info Wars founder Alex Jones as part of a grand conspiracy to bypass his bans on Facebook and other Big Tech platforms. The fake news hit piece was apparently spurred by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which took several swipes at National File in a recent write-up calling for patriot media outlets to be censored and shut down.

“Alex Jones Secret Site Gets Around Social Media Bans,” Gizmodo reported Kyle Barr claimed on Friday in a fake news story naming National File as the “secret site” owned and operated by Info Wars and Alex Jones. According to Barr’s fairytale land hit piece, National File is being run by legendary Info Wars founder Alex Jones, to get around the social media bans that Big Tech oligarchs and their government allies have slapped him with.

The claims from Gizmodo are patently false. Despite this, the story was re-run by Yahoo News, even as National File publicly called out Gizmodo’s phony story.

The fake news hit piece from Gizmodo came on the heels of another one from Media Matters, which came just over a week after the Southern Poverty Law Center took aim at National File themselves. But Gizmodo took the lies of Soros-funded Media Matters and the SPLC even further.

The fake news hit pieces against National File are the latest chapter in a long-term campaign by the SPLC and their associates to silence patriot media.

Read More in the @NationalFile Twitter thread below:

The Gizmodo, Media Matters, and SPLC attacks on National File come as Media Matters also targets nationally-syndicated broadcaster and Died Suddenly producer Stew Peters in another left-wing attack campaign. In a recent broadcast of the Stew Peters Show, Peters skewered Media Matters and its founder, David Brock, dissecting the “empire of lies” that Media Matters sits atop.

Unrestricted Truth: Stew Peters DESTROYS Media Matters and Their ‘Empire of Lies’


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