Got Smugglers to Pay Off? Illegals in New York City Resorting to Burglarizing Residents
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As is usually the case with the left, they fail to see beyond next week when it comes to the results of their policies. The disaster created by the Biden administration that is the U.S. southern border and the massive numbers of illegal immigrants flooding the country is no exception. When it comes to the border, the biggest beneficiaries of the chaos are the drug cartels. They are raking in billions of dollars from smuggling drugs, human beings, and anything else they can get across the border— humans, once they have been smuggled into the country and have been shipped literally to every corner, now owe the cartels a lot of money. What do they do?  

In New York City, more specifically Long Island, officials are seeing an uptick in many of those illegal immigrants resorting to theft. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says there has been a sharp uptick in both residential and commercial burglaries by illegals, who must pay back the Mexican drug cartels who smuggled them into the country. Stiffing those cartels can mean not just physical harm or death to the immigrants themselves but also their families in their home countries. Blakeman stated, 

“They’ve come here owing the cartels a great deal of money to transport them over the border, and if they don’t pay that money, I’ve been told that their families would be seriously harmed if not killed in their native country. Therefore they need quick money and they need to get it fast so they’re engaging in all kinds of crimes — burglary, shoplifting.”

The gang in New York, three of them illegals, coming here during Joe Biden’s presidency, and a fourth who was born in the U.S. but spent most of his life in Colombia, was arrested last year and charged with burglarizing approximately 20 to 30 homes on Long Island, in a largely Indian American community. The group was doing its homework, following residents home and casing their properties before burglarizing their homes. In Washington, D.C., groups of illegal immigrants have been operating a burglary ring in the city’s affluent Asian community. 

Roving gangs of illegals committing home robberies is just another repercussion of Joe Biden’s open border policy. In the three years of the Biden presidency, the Border Patrol has encountered roughly 6.5 million illegal immigrants on the southern border. While that steady stream shows no signs of letting up, the only people who are thankful for Joe Biden seem to be the immigrants themselves. 

But it does not appear to be boding well for Joe Biden on the eve of an election year. The latest CNN poll has Biden’s overall approval rating at just 37 percent. It gets even worse for Biden when you break it down by issue. A Real Clear Politics poll shows a whopping disapproval rating of 63 percent on Joe Biden’s job on immigration. 

Americans might not be happy with Joe Biden, but the one business he seems to have been good for is the smuggling business. Smugglers can charge poor immigrants who are carrying everything they own up to $2,000 for the trip across the border. Add that up, and it comes out to around $80 million in a year. An investigation into factions of the Sinaloa Cartel revealed they were charging $100 per immigrant. About 30,000 immigrants pass through Altar, Sonora, in one month. The Department of Homeland Security has estimated that cartels could be cashing in to the tune of around $500 million annually. 

According to the Biden administration, allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country is somehow “humane.” But there has been no accompanying explanation from the administration of how turning people into criminals to pay off human smugglers so they won’t be killed is also humane.

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