He's Getting Worse: Joe Biden's Brain Breakage Reaches a New Low in Las Vegas
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He’s getting worse, folks. I know that can be a bit of a loaded statement given Joe Biden can’t go two minutes in public without showing his senility, but trust me, he’s getting worse. 

While giving a speech in Las Vegas, the president touted “Bidenomics,” perhaps the worst political messaging campaign in modern history. Given the failures of his economic policies, that would have been bad enough, but they were destined to get worse. While attempting to read a dollar amount off his comically massive teleprompter, Biden’s brain went absolutely haywire. For my money, this is a new low.

What is happening? He ran through four major delineations of numbers in less than a dozen words, including hitting two of them twice. That’s almost a skill in and of itself. Whatever he was actually trying to proclaim, it wasn’t what came out of his mouth. I thought about trying to transcribe what he said numerically as a joke, but I value my sanity too much to even attempt that. 

I mean, holy cow. How is this guy President of the United States? I mean, I know the answer is a mix of American voters being really dumb and mass mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic, but holy cow. Let’s just get to the next clip because I don’t know what else to say about that one. 

When he’s not insulting his own intelligence, he’s insulting yours. Bidenomics has been an abject failure. It ran prices up nearly 20% overall in just three years and has left interest rates so high that few can afford to buy a home. Could it have been worse? I suppose a full-scale depression with barren wastelands and bread lines would have been worse, but is that really the baseline we were shooting for? 

Anyway, things didn’t get better on the mental front for the president.

The fact that he once again can’t make a coherent statement aside, I’d like to see what studies he’s citing. No doubt, there are some left-wing academics who claim trains are faster than cars to “get from point A to point B,” but that’s obviously not true as an absolute statement. You can drive across the country faster than you can catch and ride an Amtrak train. 

That’s also true for shorter distances outside of a few major urban areas where vehicle congestion makes subways faster. Cars are point-to-point. They can take you to just about anywhere in the United States. Trains will never be able to do that because they are 18th-century technology masquerading as innovation. 

But while we are on the topic of trains, I might as well mention that Biden told his infamous Amtrak lie again. 

The falsehoods continued from there, including his oft-repeated claim that you couldn’t own a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed.

I don’t know why he keeps saying that, but it is not true. Not only did Americans own cannons in the years after the Revolutionary Period, but they could own entire warships full of cannons. There was essentially no weapon of war that the general public couldn’t have and didn’t have in some capacity. 

With that said, blame it on dishonesty, senility, or both, but the president can’t get through a speech without repeating a myriad of falsehoods, and that’s when he’s not having a total mental breakdown. Do you want to know what’s worse? This guy might actually beat Republicans in 2024 if the party doesn’t get its stuff together. I don’t even want to imagine the consequences of that. 

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