Hollywood Celebrities Freak After Trump Tells Supporters to Protest His Imminent Arrest: 'F**k This Guy'

Hollywood celebrities are freaking out after former President Donald Trump urged his supporters to protest his upcoming arrest, which he said in a social media post will come on Tuesday based on “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Stars including Chrissy Teigen, Rob Reiner, Debra Messing, Jon Cryer, and novelist Stephen King contributed to Hollywood’s latest Trump-induced meltdown.

“Fuck this guy,” tweeted Seinfeld scribe Larry Charles.

“Donald Trump is a sociopath and a criminal,” Stephen King wrote.

“The last time he did this, he and his supporters attempted a coup,” CBS’ Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer tweeted.

On Saturday, Trump said in a Truth Social post he expects to be arrested on Tuesday based on “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating Trump’s alleged role in hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. The former president urged his supporters to “protest”and “take our nation back.”

Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is leading the investigation, has been supported by far-left, anti-Trump billionaire George Soros.

A Donald Trump spokesperson issued a statement Saturday clarifying that Trump has received “no notification” of an imminent arrest besides “illegal leaks from the Justice Dept. and the DA’s office.”

Hollywood celebrities rushed to social media on Saturday, with some predicting a January 6-style chaos.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted that Trump “would try to cause so much mass chaos that they’d be forced to let him out.”

Rob Reiner called Trump a “pathologically lying misogynistic racist.”

Stephen King called the former president a “sociopath and a criminal.”

CBS’s Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer made the obligatory January 6 reference.

NBC’s Will & Grace star Debra Messing posted a meme to her Instagram Stories showing images of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden with the caption “not getting arrested Tuesday.”


Borat director and Seinfeld writer Larry Charles tweeted: “Fuck this guy.”

MGM’s No Time to Die actor Jeffrey Wright tweeted a meme suggesting Trump screamed “lock her up,” in an apparent reference to Hillary Clinton. What Trump said to Clinton during a 2016 presidential debate was “Because you’d be in jail.”

Netflix’s House of Cards actor Michael Kelly invited his followers to pile on Trump.

Netflix’s Atypical star Michael Rapaport tweeted his mirth at Trump’s imminent arrest.

Actress Amber Tamblyn suggested Americans will be celebrating Trump’s arrest.

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