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RuPaul has “always imagined” himself being famous.

RuPaul always knew he was going to be famous

RuPaul always knew he was going to be famous

The 62-year-old star drag scene pioneer is the face of the multi-million dollar ‘Drag Race’ franchise but explained that in order to combat any naysayers, he thinks back to when he was a child performing for his mum in their living room, and encouraged others to not care about what anyone else thinks when it comes to pursuing their passion.

He told UsWeekly: “I always saw myself as a star and I always imagined myself having my own show. Whenever I go on stage I say to myself, ‘Ru, you’re going into Mama’s living room. I used to perform for my mom and that’s what helps me overcome nerves about anything, including what people may have said about me. What other people say about me is none of my business! Life is tough, there’s no way around that but you can arm yourself with knowledge. And to hell with what anyone thinks, you have to do things because you want to and not rely on anyone else for validation.”

The TV host went on to explain that in the years since his reality compeition – which now airs several international versions – burst onto the screens in 2009 that the concept of drag has become “much more accessible” to a general audience and described the shift as “beautiful.”

He added: “Drag has evolved a lot in the last 10 to 20 years. Drag is much more accessible, which is a beautiful thing. Remember, we’re all born naked — and the rest is drag!”

Post source: Female First

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