A frustrated customer has called out Victoria's Secret after employees allegedly accused them of shoplifting
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A FUMING customer has claimed that twenty years ago, Victoria’s Secret employees wrongfully accused them of shoplifting and chased them after they left the store.

The shopper took to social media to detail the 2003 altercation they claimed was “highly illegal” and nearly began a battle in court with the prominent lingerie company.

A frustrated customer has called out Victoria's Secret after employees allegedly accused them of shoplifting

A frustrated customer has called out Victoria’s Secret after employees allegedly accused them of shopliftingCredit: Tiktok/babyyvie
The shopper said they were a former employee and contacted corporate

The shopper said they were a former employee and contacted corporateCredit: Tiktok/babyyvie

TikToker Baby Yvie (@babyyvie) explained in a recent clip that two decades earlier during a shopping trip at a Victoria’s Secret location in their local mall, a few staff allegedly accused her of “stuffing bras under my shirt or something.”

“It was just my pockets sticking out,” she argued.

The influencer proceeded to claim that the Victoria’s Secret workers were still accusatory and followed her out of the shop and into the mall to prevent the supposed shoplifting.

“I’m like, ‘this is bullsh**t, I’m pretty sure this is illegal, you can’t just chase innocent people through the mall,'” Baby Yvie recalled.

Baby Yvie noted she was so fed up that she told staff she wanted to talk with the store’s district manager but was allegedly given a card from an employee with a phone number for the store, not the manager.

“Go back to the store, they give me this card … I was like, I used to work here this is the store number I know it by heart,” she continued.

“And they were like, ‘Well, you have to call here to get through to them.'”

The frustrated customer said they denied the employee’s supposed offer for the district manager’s number and elected instead to call Victoria’s Secret corporate line.

Baby Yvie also said they contacted a friend who was another manager at a different store, who allegedly told her the situation was illegal.

“You can not accuse someone of shoplifting, nevermind chase them through the mall unless you saw what they took, where they put it, and watched them walk out with it,” Baby Yvie claimed.

“I would never, so doing it to me was one of the biggest f**k ups of their lives.”

The influencer added she was “horribly embarrassed, ashamed,” and angry.

The shopper and former Victoria’s Secret employee then did end up calling corporate, threatening to take the company to court for its alleged actions.

“I said, ‘We have a family lawyer — I’m going to contact them and let them know what you guys did to me because this is not okay,'” she claimed of her conversation while on the phone with the company’s corporate staff.

Baby Yvie also claimed that the lingerie brand called her back two days later and allegedly tried to convince her not to take legal action through gift card offerings.

The first amount was allegedly $300, but the shopper refused.

Then it was $500, and finally, Victoria’s Secret offered a $1,000 check and a $500 gift, according to Baby Yvie.

“Now remember this was 20 years ago when $1,500 was a lot of money — I avoided court and got the money, and that was that,” she claimed.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Victoria’s Secret for an official comment on the shopper’s claims.

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