Idaho College Student Murder Update- Who Is The Suspect?

Police said they have not named any suspects in the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students who were discovered in a Moscow, Idaho, residence. However, as authorities seek assistance in solving the students’ deaths, a clearer timeline of their final hours is starting to emerge.What is now known regarding their demise is as follows:

On November 13, the Moscow Police Department responded to a report of an unconscious person and discovered the bodies of Madison Mogen, 21, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, of Rathdrum, Idaho, junior Xana Kernodle, 20, of Post Falls, Idaho, and freshman Ethan Chapin, 20, of Mount Vernon, Washington.

The three women were roommates who lived in the home where the bodies were found. Chapin did not live there but was dating Kernodle. All four were members of fraternities or sororities.

Police claim that on the evening of November 12, Chapin and Kernodle attended a party at a Sigma Chi residence on the University of Idaho campus. On November 13, at about 1:45 a.m., they arrived home.

In the heart of Moscow, Mogen and Goncalves were seated at The Corner Club. At around 1:45 a.m., they left the bar, made a pit stop at a food truck, and then went back home, according to the police.

Mogen and Goncalves were captured on camera approaching the food truck. Police reportedly questioned a man in a white hoodie and the person who drove the two home that evening. According to the police, neither person is suspected of carrying out the killings.

According to authorities, the two other surviving roommates were out and about in Moscow separately until coming back to the residence around one in the morning on November 13. Police reported that they appeared to have slept through the stabbings. Police have stated that they do not think the living roommates were involved in the killings despite the fact that neither was hurt.

Police said multiple calls were made to the cellphone of a victim’s ex-boyfriend, ending at 2:52 a.m. Police do not believe the ex-boyfriend is a suspect. The timing of those calls places the murders sometime after 3 a.m.

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The 911 call was sent from one of the surviving roommates’ phones, according to Moscow Police Chief James Fry, although he did not identify the caller.

There were “additional friends” present at the residence at the time the 911 call was placed in addition to the two surviving housemates, according to Fry. A week after the killings, on Nov. 20, he claimed during a press conference that police were unsure of how many people were in the house when the 911 call was made and did not specify when the “other friends” arrived.

Police later clarified in a statement that “the surviving roommates summoned friends to the residence” because they thought one of the victims had passed out and wasn’t waking up. Several people spoke to the 911 dispatcher, police said. None of the people who were in the home at the time the call was made are believed to have been involved in the killings, police said.

The four victims were discovered in the second and third stories of the house when the police arrived. According to the coroner, the victims were probably dozing off; each had several stab wounds and some had defense wounds. Police reported that there was no proof of a sexual assault.

Both the “other friends” and the surviving roommates have remained anonymous.

Police described the murder weapon as a sizable military-style knife, but it has not been located.

Police reported tracking nearly 700 tips and conducting over 90 interviews as of Monday.


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