St Columb Major Academy in Cornwall feeds its children desserts each day
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AN ANGRY parent has slammed her child’s school for confiscating crisps packed in her child’s lunchbox.

The parent of two at St Columb Major Academy in Cornwall described the removal of a packet of Quaver crisps from her child’s lunchbox as “bonkers”.

St Columb Major Academy in Cornwall feeds its children desserts each day

St Columb Major Academy in Cornwall feeds its children desserts each dayCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
The Hungry Hub menu at St Columb Major Academy

The Hungry Hub menu at St Columb Major AcademyCredit: BPM

But, the school says it replaces the confiscated unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives for the children.

Angry parent Aimee Annear sent her children to school with Quavers, the deep-fried crisp, but which are lower in calories compared to other types with only 86 calories in a 16g bag.

Annear said to CornwallLive: “They replace the parent packed snack with crackers and butter which actually have a lot more calories in the day than a packet of quavers.”

“It’s infuriating as parents are struggling to feed their children and this school is taking away perfectly good food.”

St Columb Major Academy’s food menu also shows the school feeding the children donuts, cheesecakes, and puddings each day.

“I’m and also a personal trainer so it’s not a case of me not knowing what I’m talking about, I actually know a lot about nutrition. It is honestly insane and bonkers. They say no sugar doughnuts yet it’s on the menu for lunch,” Annear said.

A St Columb Major Academy spokesman said the school is committed to ensuring its students eat healthy.

“We encourage all pupils to bring healthy snacks with them into school for their morning break and have supported families by providing information about choosing healthy foods.

“On occasions where a pupil has not brought a healthy snack into school, we have encouraged them to pop it back into their bag to take home and have provided them with a healthier option, guided by information from the NHS and the Healthy Cornwall website.”

One nutrition expert has revealed what you should be putting in your child’s lunch box.

Jenna Hope has told how parents should be sending their kids to school with a mixture of protein, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The nutritionist said that the types of food youngsters eat has a huge impact on their “learning and development”.

She also warned how filling up kids’ lunches with high sugary snacks could see them crash half way through the day.

Quavers are a deep-fried crisp that is lower in calories compared to other crisp

Quavers are a deep-fried crisp that is lower in calories compared to other crispCredit: Stewart Williams

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