What Was His True Cause Of Death?
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Jalayah Eason Autopsy: What Was His True Cause Of Death? The autopsy report for Jalayah Eason is currently pending, causing everyone to eagerly await its results. Let’s delve into some more details about her tragic story.

Jalayah Eason, a 6-year-old girl from the United States, was discovered unconscious in her Bronx apartment. Disturbingly, she had visible bruises on her wrists and torso, indicating possible signs of physical harm.

Early on Friday, the young girl was discovered unresponsive and cold inside her family’s unsanitary residence. Her mother, Lynija Eason, immediately dialed 911 and informed the authorities that she had found her daughter in a lifeless state, nestled within a closet of their 12th-floor apartment at NYCHA’s Forest Houses on East 165th Street.

Lynija expressed her attempts at performing CPR on Jalayah, but sadly, her efforts were futile as her child remained unresponsive. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived approximately 15 minutes after the distress call, swiftly transporting Jalayah to the hospital. Tragically, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Please note that this information is based on available reports and the pending autopsy report is yet to provide conclusive findings.

Jalayah Eason Autopsy: What Was His True Cause Of Death?

Jalayah Eason autopsy report has not been shared as the investigation is going on. So, everyone is awaiting Eason’s autopsy.

After the report, it will help determine if homicide charges are warranted in the case. As of now, Eason’s mom is charged with child endangerment for neglecting and harming her other two kids.[1]

No further charges are expected until Jalayah’s autopsy is concluded. A Police source said they are also waiting until the medical examiner makes a determination.

They also went on to say, “It jeopardizes the entire case if we aren’t prudent.” So, more details will get updated soon.

Jalayah Eason Autopsy: What Was His True Cause Of Death?
Jalayah Eason mother

Jalayah Eason’s mother, Lynija Eason, has been arrested and is facing charges related to the possible murder of her daughter.

Jalayah Eason mother, Lynija Eason, has been arrested and is charged with child endangerment for neglecting and abusing her other two children.

Lynija Eason now awaits the verdict on the potential homicide charge, which will depend on the findings of the medical examiner. If the medical examiner determines that Jalayah’s death was a result of homicide, the appropriate charges will be applied to the case.

On Friday, May 26, 2023, Lynija made a distress call to the New York Police Department at around 4 am, reporting that her daughter was not breathing and her body felt cold.

Authorities promptly responded to the apartment located on East 165th Street and urgently transported the young girl to Lincoln Hospital. Tragically, medical professionals pronounced her deceased.

Reports indicate that Jalayah had visible bruises on her neck and chest. A neighbor residing upstairs, disturbed by the commotion in the early hours of that fateful day, vividly recalled the child screaming in a desperate manner.

Jalayah’s neighbor awakened one of his sons amidst the chaos and contemplated calling the police. However, his son advised him against getting involved in the matter.

As the investigation continues, further details may come to light, shedding more clarity on this distressing incident.

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Jalayah Eason Murder Case Update

In the recent Jalayah Eason murder case, it has been revealed that her mother, who is facing charges, was granted supervised release on Tuesday.

According to reports, Lynija will be required to wear an ankle monitor and will be taken to her home, where she will await the verdict regarding the potential homicide charge.

As the case progresses, more details are expected to be updated after the autopsy report becomes available. Meanwhile, on social media platforms, the Eason case has garnered significant attention, with many individuals criticizing the mother’s alleged involvement in her daughter’s death.

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