John Fetterman Dunked and Fact Checked After His Own ‘$78 Meal’ Tweet Lands With a Thud
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After New York Times columnist David Brooks’ “$78 meal” tweet went viral Wednesday for all the wrong reasons, many Twitter users joined in on the backlash by posting humorous stories/memes about their own alleged “$78 meal” experiences and how they, too, were examples of why “Americans think the economy is terrible.”

Though it was a slightly different version, this is one of the funnier ones I came across:

But while most people who took part in sharing their “meal” pictures did so to make light of Brooks’ tone-deaf photo and comments, Sen. John Fetterman, like most humorless scolds, participated for the sole purpose of taking cheap shots at Fox News and Americans who are suffering under Joe Biden’s economy – and to wind up people who are upset over Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s dress code change.

Here’s what Fetterman posted Friday:

Before we get to the economy part of Fetterman’s tweet, let’s note for the record that his sweatshirt was not, in fact, $78 – unless he paid for overnight shipping or something:

Another Twitter user used Fetterman’s tweet to make a great point about inflation using a link and a graphic to demonstrate Fetterman’s unintentional self-own:

i mean the tweet is ~viral~ but i took 10 seconds to check prices on carhartt hoodies and it turns out yup they’re up 20% in price since Biden was inaugurated and that kind of inflation is noticed by Americans  

Back to what Fetterman wrote about Fox News and the economy, it’s not just Fox News opinion hosts and their viewers who think the economy stinks. It’s voters who participate in polls for other news outlets, too, like this one from the Wall Street Journal. 

There are numerous others as well listed at RealClearPolitics, from Harvard-Harris, Economist/YouGov, Quinnipiac, CBS News, and others, their most recent polls of which have Biden ranging from the mid-30s to low-40s on his handling of the economy.

I suspect a lot of people reading this article have also felt and are likely continuing to feel the pinch from Joe Biden’s economy. A dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, which has resulted in many people having to make tough choices about what to take off their grocery shopping lists, where to live, what prescriptions they can pick up, etc.

It’s a very real thing people are experiencing, not something made up on Fox News for the express purpose of slamming Joe Biden.

The good news here, at least, is that Fetterman is as of this writing no longer using terms like “jagoffs” and “ding-a-ling” in his tweets and has refrained from further comment on the leg-humping he mentioned on MSNBC a few days ago. 

The bad news here is that Fetterman actually managed to make himself look even more out of touch than David Brooks in all of this, which considering what Brooks originally said is a pretty tall order.  Then again this is John Fetterman we’re talking about here, so we shouldn’t be too surprised when he says “Hold my beer.”

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