Lori Vallow pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit murder
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A PSYCHOLOGIST has broken down Lori Vallow’s behavior in an attempt to diagnose her mental state.

Lori, 50, pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit murder on Thursday in relation to her husband’s death.

Lori Vallow pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit murder

Lori Vallow pleaded not guilty to two charges of conspiracy to commit murderCredit: The Mega Agency
Behavioral experts believe she showed signs of insanity

Behavioral experts believe she showed signs of insanityCredit: AP

Lori has already been found guilty of killing her two children Joshua (JJ) Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16, and for conspiracy to kill her husband’s ex-wife.

In July, she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Joshua and Tylee disappeared in September 2019.

The kids vanished while Lori and her fifth husband, Chad Daybell – who is an author of religious books – traveled to Hawaii and celebrated their recent marriage.

Their remains were found on a property of Daybell’s after an exhaustive search in June 2020.

The kids’ bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags in a pet cemetery.

The tragedy didn’t end there.

Lori’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow, 62, filed for divorce from Lori in February 2019 – just before she married Daybell.

Charles was then fatally shot by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, in July 2019.

While the legal process drags on in Lori’s latest legal battle, several people familiar with her case have analyzed her behavior.


Maricopa County sheriff, Paul Penzone, has shared that Vallow was extremely vocal during the trip to her arraignment.

“I understand that she was very sociable the entire trip. She talked quite a bit,” the sheriff said.

“That’s between the deputy, the courts, and the prosecutor apparently. I don’t know that she gave any specific statements related to the investigation.

“I just know that she was very chatty.”

Lori’s odd behavior stems all the way back to the day her husband was killed, where police body camera footage showed her speaking calmly and joking about the situation.

Human behavior expert Dr. Susan Constantine also told CourtTV the way she spoke to officers drew a lot of red flags.

“We’re looking at her responses. She licks her lips, she smiles, she almost makes a high joke about it. You can see her high pitched vocal tone,” Constantine said.


“She’s very detached, and the fact that she has no emotion, concern, or empathy, you don’t see anything in her forehead of wrinkling or her eyebrows pulled up in sadness. You see the complete opposite.

“So when I look at that, I’m seeing this is disjointed, disconnected, she’s not feeling emotionally sad or remorseful at all.”

Constantine said Lori’s body language should have been the opposite of the calm and collected demeanor she displayed.

Forensic psychologist Dr. John Delatorre said when he observes the accused killer mom, he sees signs of some kind of mental disorder.


“When I see Lori Vallow Daybell, I do potentially see someone with a delusional disorder,” Delatorre said.

“The issue is, you’re not going to know that that individual has that disorder until you start talking to them about whatever that delusion is centered around.

He said that Lori could have believed that in her mind, her husband needed to be rid of.

“In her mind, the delusion was that this loved one needed to be gone so that she feels comfortable,” Delatorre said.

The two experts believe that these factors could be an avenue for Lori’s legal team to pursue an insanity argument to try and get her off of the charges.

Lori has been convicted of murdering her two children

Lori has been convicted of murdering her two childrenCredit: AP

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