Klaus Schwab Announces the 'Systemic Transformation of the World' on Chinese State TV

Last Updated on November 26, 2022

World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab announced that he and his WEF are kicking off the “systemic transformation of the world” during an interview on Communist Chinese state TV. The World Economic Forum and their globalist partners, Schwab says, will “define how the world should look like.”

“We have to define the specific elements of the global system,” WEF chairman Klaus Schwab told the Chinese state TV interviewer, before announcing that left-wing pet issues like “climate change” will be used by the World Economic Forum and their associates to accelerate their globalist agenda.

“For example, nature and the environment, [and] climate change,” are all “areas where we can make true progress, where we can have a real impact,” Schwab went on, before hailing Communist China’s involvement in the WEF’s climate agenda.

“I’m very glad that China is integrated into our initiative to plant 1 trillion trees in the next 10 years, by making its own contribution. We have to try with a collaborative platform where we integrate the best people, [and] the most relevant people, and send them to work for progress,” he said, hinting at the adoption of a global technocratic system, something watchdogs and whistleblowers have warned of for decades, and that’s actively being rolled out in Communist China.

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“We have to have a strategic mood, we have to contract the world of tomorrow,” Schwab went on.

“It’s a systemic transformation of the world. So we have to define how the world should look like, which we want to come out of this transformation, period.”

Those who don’t want to see the world go through a “systemic transformation” kicked off by a small, select group of WEF members, global governments, and corporate oligarchs, will have to be “mentor[ed]” by the global powers that be, so they’ll understand that the world re-made in the WEF’s image will be “beneficial for them.”

“We have to mentor the population, to show through our good examples that the future requires this change,” which will “ultimately be beneficial for them,” Schwab told Chinese state TV.

Watch Schwab’s interview with CCP TV below:

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