Melania's Reported Choice for Trump's VP Pick Has Everyone Talking
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There have been a lot of names thrown around in regard to who might be a vice presidential pick if former President Donald Trump, who is presently the leading candidate, were to win the Republican nomination. 

There are a lot of folks in the possible field whose names have been kicked around by media reports, including Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Whoever it is, you would want to enhance the ticket and help to bring more people into the fold, as well as provide a valuable asset to getting some important things done while in office. So it’s a vitally important pick. 

But a new report about who Melania Trump is pushing for the job has a lot of people talking. While it’s certainly off the normal political track, it could well bring in a lot of people. According to the report, she’s pushing for Tucker Carlson, and Trump isn’t shutting that down. 

Trump – Tucker has a nice ring to it According to a source who spoke with the news outlet, Melania Trump believes Tucker is the best VP option and would “make a powerful onstage extension of her husband.”When asked about Tucker being his VP pick, Trump said: “I like Tucker a lot… He’s got great common sense.”

Many seemed to like the idea when the report hit. 

Can you imagine a vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Tucker Carlson? Bring the popcorn, and I’ll pay money for that. That would be something to see. Kamala would talk about the passage of time and Venn diagrams, while Tucker would just laugh with that laugh that he has about how silly she was. He would certainly make for a strong ambassador to lobby for the ticket who was unafraid to say what needed to be said.  And he would undoubtedly push for things to get done. 

Best of all would be the media meltdown. They would be positively apoplectic, losing their minds in response to such a pick. That alone would make one want to do it, in addition to the energy and fun he would bring to the ticket. 

But I’m inclined to think he probably wouldn’t go for it at this point. It looks like he’s loving the freedom that he now has since Fox showed him the door. He may not want to give it up for what this job would entail, even assuming Trump decided that he wanted him for it. 

The Trump folks are denying the report at this point, saying Trump is focused on the primary. But that certainly would make for an interesting race. 

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