Mystery of why Venice’s Grand Canal turned fluorescent green is solved | Venice
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The spectacular transformation of a stretch of Venice’s Grand Canal to fluorescent green was due to fluorescein, a non-toxic substance used for testing wastewater networks, local authorities have concluded

Residents noticed a stretch of Venice’s Grand Canal turned bright green on Sunday, prompting police to investigate amid speculation it could be a stunt by environmentalists.

But analysis showed “the presence of fluorescein in samples taken”, according to the regional agency for environmental prevention and protection of Veneto (Arpav).

The results “have not shown the presence of toxic elements in the samples analysed”, Arpav said, without specifying the origin of the substance.

Water in Venice’s Grand Canal turns bright green – video

The change in colour noticed by residents raised eyebrows, with police looking into whether Sunday’s development could be a protest by climate change activists, according to local daily La Nuova Venezia.

It is not the first time the Grand Canal has turned green.

In 1968, Argentine artist Nicolás García Uriburu dyed the waters of Venice’s Grand Canal green with a fluorescent dye during the 34th Venice Biennale in a stunt to promote ecological awareness.

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