NYC Mayor Eric Adams Went to DC to Get Help With the Border Crisis. He Was Quickly Disappointed.
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams was just presented with yet another reason to be disappointed with the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis and the Democrats’ failure to come up with a solution. The situation has created tremendous problems for the Big Apple as a constant influx of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers continues to stream into the city.

The mayor traveled to Washington, D.C., to solicit assistance from the White House and Congress as New York City grapples with handling the immigration problem. Adams has estimated that the issue will cost the city $12 billion over the next three years and was hoping to secure federal reimbursements for asylum-seeker care along with other assistance. Unfortunately for New York City, it appears that the Biden administration wasn’t exactly amenable to the idea.

Mayor Eric Adams painted a grim picture Friday of his trip to Washington, D.C., where he sought more financial help for the ongoing migrant crisis in New York City.

Adams met with Congressional leaders and members of the Biden administration on Thursday.

The mayor says Washington should help cover the cost of housing hundreds of thousands of migrants. However, he said he left the meetings “with the cold reality that help is not on the way.”

“We did not walk out from D.C. with any level of optimism that anything is going to drastically change,” Adams said. “It is clear that for the time being this crisis is going to be carried by the cities.”

He went on to say that “help is not on the way in the immediate future.”

Adams also sought to obtain an allowance for more of these individuals to work legally and the implementation of a “decompression strategy” to divert illegals and asylum seekers away from New York. He met with multiple legislators and a representative from the White House.

Adams met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, FEMA administrators and Tom Perez, senior adviser to President Joe Biden. He also said he attended the National Menorah-lighting ceremony, and hobnobbed at a White House holiday party with Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson.

The trip marked his tenth to the capital to discuss — and lobby for — migrant funding since taking office, City Hall reps said.

Adams, who is struggling in the polls, is between a rock and a hard place as his city continues taking on more people being transported each week. The problem has angered New York City residents. In one instance, a gathering of New Yorkers protested the arrival of yet another bus of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

The situation in the Big Apple is a microcosm of a larger issue that demands more attention than the federal government seems willing to give it. Cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and others are also experiencing the strain of the border crisis. Border towns in states like Texas, Arizona, and others are also suffering under the weight of the crisis.

Unfortunately, Adams’ experience in Washington is indicative of the overall approach of the federal government under the Biden administration, which has shown on several occasions that it is unable or unwilling to provide actual solutions.

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