Peter & Elena Singshinsuk Proudly Celebrate Having AAPI Roots
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As we close out AAPI Heritage Month, we’re highlighting a beautiful family spreading love, laughs (and pettiness) with their relatably funny TikTok and IG videos.

May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and since we’re always here for a good love story, it’s our pleasure to shine a light on a sweet interracial couple who celebrate their AAPI roots.

If you’re active on social media, you might be familiar with Peter and Elena Singshinsuk.

The couple who run their @TheSingFamily account met in 2013 as coworkers at a tech company in Downtown LA.

Fresh out of college and mending high school sweetheart heartbreaks, the pair instantly hit it off as friends and formed a relationship, which Elena, who is Ethiopian, recounted in a lengthy 6-part TikTok series.

Their first date was “unforgettable” as Peter, who is Thai, took Elena to a Drake concert when she was just two days fresh from a breakup. Despite that great date, the two took things slow considering that they worked together until they couldn’t deny their undeniable chemistry and made things official.

Fast forward to 2018 and the couple got married with THREE weddings.

One of the weddings was in Beverly Hills and featured an Ethiopian Melse to celebrate the bride’s Habesha heritage and another wedding took place in Thailand to celebrate the groom.

Peter and Elena share two children. The pair started documenting their family shenanigans on Youtube and TikTok, where they’ve accrued nearly a million followers. You may recognize their viral and hilarious “petty and pettier” videos!

One of the reasons why the Sing Family has amassed such a massive following is their authenticity and playfulness.

Their videos offer a glimpse into their daily lives as Thai and Ethiopian parents, showcasing their challenges, and triumphs. They embrace their imperfections, share relatable experiences, and create a sense of community.

The Sing family is one of our favorite Black and AAPI fams to watch!


Follow them on TikTok and IG for more!


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