A Memphis Gas Express was shut down following years of rampant crime
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A GAS station is shuttering its doors following rampant crime and violence wreaking havoc on the area.

Gas Express in Memphis, Tennessee was shut down following an investigation that spanned two years.

A Memphis Gas Express was shut down following years of rampant crime

A Memphis Gas Express was shut down following years of rampant crimeCredit: ABC24

The location was officially closed this past Wednesday.

It was declared a public nuisance by the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, according to local NBC affiliate WMC-TV.

“This is another good example of partnerships with law enforcement,” said District Attorney Steve Mulroy.

“Our office is determined to shut down these breeding grounds for crime to protect neighbors’ quality of life and to make sure that those responsible for the crime are held accountable.”


A deep dive of the station by the Memphis Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit revealed danger on the premises.

Felony drugs along with a weapon were found and three people were taken into custody.

The Memphis Police Department said officers completed 189 reports and responded to 903 calls, local CBS affiliate WREG reported.

Incidents ranged to include everything from aggravated robbery to homicides, carjacking, theft from motor vehicles, prostitution, aggravated assaults, drug violations, and weapon violations.

There were also 93 arrests made on the property.

A trail that traced the crime was presented to the Shelby County DA’s Office.

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And it’s been an ongoing struggle.

The Shelby County Criminal Court granted a temporary injunction and restraining order against the Gas Express on February 27.

This resulted in the station’s temporary closure.

Prosecutors say the store also failed an inspection by the Department of Agriculture, according to WMC.

It also received citations from the Memphis Fire Department and Shelby County Code Enforcement for additional violations.

“We appreciate this continued partnership with the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office in identifying businesses that facilitate crime,” said Police Chief CJ Davis.

“We value the court’s involvement in addressing and correcting identified issues. When shopping and visiting these businesses, Memphis residents deserve a safe environment.”

The Gas Express owners are due to appear in Shelby County Environmental Court on March 5.

The U.S. Sun reached out to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office and Gas Express in a request for comment.

A total of 903 calls and 189 reports on crimes happened at the Lamar Avenue Gas Express

A total of 903 calls and 189 reports on crimes happened at the Lamar Avenue Gas ExpressCredit: ABC24
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