Biden Time: National Christmas Tree Falls Over, Protesters Arrested at Capitol Tree Lighting
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Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) has his Congressional office on the second floor of the Longworth building. 

It’s a traditional thing on the second floor to have Christmas displays outside the offices and there’s a contest to pick who has the best display. If Collins’ display is any indication, people definitely take the contest seriously and do it up big. 

Collins said that he was “in it to win it” as he described his display to Fox Digital, and it certainly looks like he might have a great chance at the prize. The display is already winning the internet with its attention to detail. Collins said each of the members of his staff contributed to putting it together. 

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“We like poking fun at everybody,” Collins said. While they poked fun at a variety of folks, they seemed to have a special place in their display for Joe Biden with a variety of jabs at him. 

They had a big backer of wrapping paper and a cutout of Mariah Carey saying all they wanted for Christmas was to pass 12 appropriations bills. Then there was also the big bag of coal going to Hamas. There were presents from Xi Jinping to Joe Biden’s pseudonyms Robert Peters and Robin Ware, as well as to “Quid Pro Joe” and “The Big Guy.” There was also impeachment wrapping paper courtesy of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, also from Georgia. That comes as House Republicans just released their impeachment resolution against Joe Biden.

There was a big Hunter Biden cutout with a sign, “Let it Snow.” Now that was a special touch. There were also snowflakes with famous liberal names or memes on them. Behind Hunter were some Elves on the Shelf, including Hillary Clinton. Santa’s “Naughty List” included Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, and the College Football Playoff Committee. Racing legend Dale Earnhardt graced the top of the tree as the “star,” and Collins had a lot of other Georgia-related items on the tree, such as homages to Georgia pecans and peaches, as well as internet memes he’s posted over the year. He even has a Festivus pole and a trucking display because he was in trucking. 

Collins explained that Dale Earnhardt was a big hero of his father’s, so he put his picture on the top of the tree. 

Sounds like they must have had great fun when they put it together. It is a great commentary on a lot of things that have happened over the past year, as well as some of the problems with Joe Biden. One has to think it’s also not going to make the Squad very happy that Hamas is getting coal this year. 

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