A suspect has been arrested in connection to Samantha Woll's murder
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POLICE have a suspect in custody connected to the murder of Samantha Woll.

The man is a new suspect and not one that Detroit police held in custody for 72 hours in November.

A suspect has been arrested in connection to Samantha Woll's murder

A suspect has been arrested in connection to Samantha Woll’s murderCredit: AP
Samantha Woll was murdered in Detroit in October

Samantha Woll was murdered in Detroit in OctoberCredit: AFP

He is also reportedly not a friend of Woll’s and appears to be a complete stranger to her.

The original suspect in the crime was taken into custody after giving a statement to police. He was an acquaintance of Woll’s.

Woll was a religious leader in Detroit and her murder has been a high-profile case in the city.

The 40-year-old was killed on October 21 in her home in Detroit home.

Woll made it out of her house but collapsed on her front lawn.

A neighbor called 911 after finding her unresponsive on the ground in the neighborhood.

Police were able to trace a trail of blood into her apartment, but most details about the homicide were withheld from the public.

It was revealed that investigators believed there was a single suspect who worked alone.

They also didn’t find any signs of forced entry into Woll’s apartment.

Three days after the murder, Police Chief James White said evidence did not point towards it being a hate crime.

Sources told The Detroit News that there is still no belief that Woll’s killing was a hate crime.

White has also insisted that there’s no evidence linking Woll’s killing to tensions surrounding the war in Israel.

The case made national news due to Woll’s prominence in Detroit’s Jewish community during the Israel-Hamas war.

She was president of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue.

There is no current information as to what linked the current suspect to the ongoing homicide case.

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