‘Stay alert for very common shoplifting strategy’ warns business owner who highlights sneaky trick used by thieves
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A SMALL business owner is warning of a “very common” shoplifting tactic that can have criminals walking right out the door without being caught. 

Shop owners might not even know something was taken just because of what the shoplifter is wearing.

A small business owner is warning of a "very common" shoplifting strategy that involves baggy clothes

A small business owner is warning of a “very common” shoplifting strategy that involves baggy clothesCredit: TikTok hanskimarie
The store owner demonstrated the common tactic in a video

The store owner demonstrated the common tactic in a videoCredit: TikTok hanskimarie

The small business owner, known as Hanskimarie on TikTok, revealed the tactic in a recent video

“Stay alert for this very common shoplifting strategy,” she started off. 

Throughout the clip, Hanskimarie is seen wearing a baggy sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants into a clothing store. 

It doesn’t take long before she removes a pair of pants from a rack, folds it up, and shoves it in the waistband of her sweatpants. 

While this tactic might work at small locations that don’t have security alarms installed, the small business owner showed that security tags on clothing items will still set off the door alarm if the item is stuffed into a waistband. 

Instead, the TikToker then placed the clothing item in the bottom of her sweatpants, near her ankle. 

Then when she attempted to leave the door, she lifted her leg up and leaped between the door alarm system. 

By doing this, she was able to avoid setting off the alarm. 

“Don’t do this!” the store owner said. 

While the warning may be informative for many, it might give some viewers the wrong idea. 

Many other TikTok users flooded the small business owner’s comment section, indicating that they might actually try the shoplifting strategy. 

“thanks for the idea pookie,” one user wrote. 

“You are giving me ideas,” another commented. 

“thanks for the tutorial!!” a third user chimed in. 

Hamskimarie regularly shares videos warning other business owners and shoppers of commonly used shoplifting tactics. 

She regularly urges viewers to stay alert of the various scams and techniques used as retail crime continues to run rampant across the country. 

If you observe someone shoplifting while shopping, be sure to report the incident to a store employee.

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