Swing State Muslim Leaders Group Vows to Ensure Biden Loses Election, as He Hemorrhages Votes
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Joe Biden faces a tough fight in 2024, with polls showing his approval in the basement and the top GOP candidate, former President Donald Trump, besting him in head-to-head polls.

Now, things may have gotten even worse for him with another group tossing him over and formally saying they’re going to do all they can to work to make sure that he loses. Muslim American leaders from nine swing states have formed a group to ensure that Biden is not re-elected because of his actions regarding the Israeli-Hamas war.

“We are announcing today that President Biden has lost the 2024 election,” organizer Jaylai Hussein, head of the newly formed #AbandonBiden National Coalition, said at a conference in a Hampton Inn in Dearborn, Mich.

The coalition includes representatives from Muslim communities in Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania —  nine states with significant Muslim minorities that could make or break Biden’s re-election chances, organizers said.

All nine states have significant Muslim minorities that could make or break Biden’s re-election chances, organizers said.

“Goodbye and good riddance,”  Hussein added.

They said it was because of his failure to push for a ceasefire to protect the citizens of Gaza, and they promised to “guarantee Biden’s loss.” “We cannot allow Genocide Joe to have another term in office,” said organizer Hassan Shibly of Florida. They hinted they might support a third-party candidate. Supporting a third-party candidate could throw the election to the Republicans. 

Even before this announcement, the Arab American Institute found in a nationwide poll that Biden was in big trouble with Arab-American voters. 

Only 17% of Arab Americans surveyed said they planned to vote for Biden in 2024 — compared to 59% who said they had supported him in 2020.

It was the first survey in AAI’s 26-year polling history that found less than majority support for the Democratic Party among Arab American voters.

Biden was already in a difficult battle. But add this to reports of other groups he’s losing, and he appears to be hemorrhaging voters. He was already having trouble with reports indicating he was losing black voters and young voters, two more groups that traditionally vote more Democratic.  

What’s ironic here is that he may also be losing Jewish votes because of the cozying up to Iran that he did prior to the war, which may have contributed to the situation. On top of that, the Squad’s anti-Israel position and the scary nature of the left’s involvement in the anti-Israel protests that have spread across the country. People see the craziness of the left on this issue, and it’s worrying. It makes them not want to vote for Democrats when they see the left behind such things, so that’s likely going to hurt Biden at the ballot box as well. 

Add that in to the people who won’t vote for Biden because of his age, incoherence, and what he’s done to the economy, and you have to wonder who will be voting for him.

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