A Walmart employee revealed when and why a customer would be stopped and asked to have their receipt checked
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A WALMART employee has revealed that you do not have to stop and show your receipt along with unveiling many other truths that customers have been raging about.

The employee decided to comment on the pressing topic after hearing back and forth about the retail giants receipt checking policy.

A Walmart employee revealed when and why a customer would be stopped and asked to have their receipt checked

A Walmart employee revealed when and why a customer would be stopped and asked to have their receipt checkedCredit: tiktok/@captainrudy4021
He also explained that you are allowed to tell them 'no as that is 'no' to a receipt check as that is store policy

He also explained that you are allowed to tell them ‘no as that is ‘no’ to a receipt check as that is store policyCredit: Getty

“I’m here to tell you that you do not have to show your receipt,” Captain Rudy 4021 (@captainrudy4021) explained in a TikTok video from 2023.

He also disclosed when customers should expect an employee to ask for their receipt.

“The person checking receipts is only allowed to ask you for your receipt if you have anything in your cart that is not in a shopping bag,” he affirmed.

“If all your items are in shopping bags, then they’re not supposed to ask you for your receipt.”

He explained that if you had something that didn’t fit in a bag, they would ask for your receipt to check if you paid for the item.

But he also said, that if you can keep walking and not show your receipt if you choose.

“Let’s say you have a thing of laundry detergent in your cart that’s not in a bag. They ask for your receipt, you don’t have to show them your receipt,” he said.

“All you have to do is say ‘no’ and keep on walking.

“They’re not allowed to stop you, they’re not allowed to detain you or anything like that.”

The employee, who adorned his staple blue Walmart vest in the video, gave more instances where employees should not be checking receipts.

‘Just keep walking,’ Walmart shoppers agree with woman who won’t show her receipt to workers for very personal reason

If a line begins to form, he said that they’re supposed to stop checking receipts and let everyone go.

“They don’t want to hold nobody up. That’s store policy,” he noted.

A commonly discussed issue customers have is when some people have their receipt checked but others don’t.

The employee explains that before jumping to conclusions, consider if your items or there’s are in bags.

Another issue amongst customers is when employees ask to see your device if your receipt is digital.

“They might ask to see your device… but they’re not allowed to,” he revealed.

“They’re not allowed to touch your phone, they’re not allowed to ask you to hold the phone.

“They’re only allowed to ask you to show them. They’re not allowed to physically allowed to touch your phone.”

A shopper recently posted a video of an employee blocking them from leaving a Walmart store.

The employee revealed that was against company policy.

“Again, you do not have to show them your receipt. The company policy is if you say ‘no’, they have to let you go.

“They’re not even allowed to accuse you of stealing because for all they know, you probably just forgot to pay for one of the items,” he continued.

The Walmart truth-teller also gave a tip to shoppers who don’t like showing their receipts.

“My recommendation would be to go when it’s busy. They’re not supposed to check receipts if there’s lines forming.”

Walmart customers have repeatedly slammed the company’s receipt checking policy.

The U.S. Sun has reported on countless stories pertaining to customer backlash including fuming customers and a shared video of a shopper being followed into the parking lot for not sharing their receipt.

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