Triumphant Trump Speaks After South Carolina Primary Victory, Teases Next RNC Chair
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As RedState reported, the Supreme Court decided to take up the issue of whether Donald Trump enjoys the broad presidential immunity he claims. Oral arguments will happen in late April, with an expedited decision coming no later than June.

READ: Supreme Court Will Take Up Trump Immunity Claim

That news has caused an absolute meltdown on the far left, with MSNBC representing ground zero on Wednesday evening. In perhaps the worst gathering of political personalities in television history, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell all appeared together on a three-way split-screen to lambast the Supreme Court for supposedly doing the bidding of Trump. 

Now, wait a second. I was assured that the election-related case against Trump was strictly non-political, presided over by a special prosecutor with only justice on his mind. Given that, why are the three horsemen of the apocalypse in the clip above having a mental breakdown over this? Why do they care about the timeline? They certainly weren’t concerned about the January 6th defendants who sat around waiting two to three years for their trials to start. 

Why, it’s almost as if the entire point of this prosecution is to influence the election, and Maddow and her cohorts are upset it might not happen before November. 

With that said, there’s one big problem with the protestations being displayed by the far left: It was Special Counsel Jack Smith who asked SCOTUS to take up the issue. 

Back in December, Smith urged the Supreme Court to skip the appeals court process and grant an expedited decision on whether Trump’s claim of presidential immunity applies. Instead, the Supreme Court allowed the lower court to make its ruling first before granting cert. In other words, Smith is still getting exactly what he wanted, albeit in a more delayed fashion. 

Only now has that become a bad thing to the MSNBC crowd, and it’s because they see this trial as a way to rid themselves of Trump before the election, with the bet being that a conviction will swing enough votes to hand the White House back to Joe Biden.

In short, they are telling on themselves, admitting that this is all about politics. As trials go, it is not unusual for one to take well over a year to get started, with delays being normal. If this were really about “justice,” these complaints about SCOTUS doing what Jack Smith asked them to do wouldn’t be an issue.

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