Tucker's Right: Trump's Fraud Trial in NY Is a 'Grotesque Parody of the System Our Ancestors Created'
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With liberals, it often seems that it’s opposite day. When they say they want to prevent the spread of misinformation, what they really mean is they want to spread propaganda and suppress truth. When they say they simply want people to be tolerant of other cultures and beliefs, they work to implement the most intolerant institutions imaginable. When they say they want to fortify an election, it means they want to ensure a pre-determined outcome.

Since January 6 they’ve been shouting that they need to protect democracy and taking action on multiple fronts to do the opposite, as Tucker Carlson and Victor Davis Hansen expertly outline in the newest episode of Tucker on X. In his monologue, Tucker said:

Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy, and that’s the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it.

Thirteen months from this week, the United States will hold a national election. In a democracy, citizens can vote for the candidate of their choice. That’s not just a feature; it’s the defining fact of the electoral system. The people rule. They can send anyone they want to Washington, because they’re in charge.

But this year, in the name of protecting democracy, liberals have decided to strip Trump’s name from ballots across the country. Trump is the frontrunner in the presidential race. He’s currently beating Joe Biden in the polls. Yet liberals have decided that you should not be allowed to elect him president. That’s not democracy. It’s the opposite. It’s totalitarianism.

One way liberals are working to keep Trump off the ballot is through “a legal barrage against Trump that so far includes a total of 91 felony counts, every one of them politically motivated.”

That barrage includes the civil “fraud” trial in New York that started today. As Tucker explained:

In some, Trump stands accused of inflating the value of collateral used to secure loans, loans that he has already paid back with interest. In other words, there is no injured party in this case. The biggest banks in the world assessed the risk, and they made a profit…not a single person was defrauded. For this non-crime Trump and his children are in the process of losing their homes and their businesses.

As Nick Arama wrote, the demeanor of both New York Attorney General Letitia James and Justice Arthur Engoron in the courtroom today was unprofessional at best. James repeatedly gave Trump the stink-eye, and Engoron was mugging and preening for the cameras. Carlson played the clip of Engoron basking in the light of his close-up.

There he is, the judge, mugging like he’s on stage at a middle school play, grinning, preening for the camera. Arthur Engoron is thrilled to be on MSNBC. It’s nauseating.

This is not a legal proceeding. This is a grotesque parody of the system our forefathers created, the fairest in the world, that in the years since has been seized by power worshippers like Arthur Engoron. This is a dangerous moment. Without a legitimate legal system, people no longer follow the law, and the country will collapse.

This is not about Trump. This is about preserving the United States of America. But Trump is at the center of the story.

Trump is justifiably outraged by what happened last week and by the behavior in the courtroom today, and gave a bombastic press conference during a break.

As Victor Davis Hansen and Tucker emphasized, we have to realize that we are witnessing a revolution and better wake up and fight for the survival of our country.

Watch the entire episode below.

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