Video: AZ Gov Katie Hobbs Threatens To Punish Reporters Who Question Her Death Penalty Stance

Last Updated on January 31, 2023

The Governor of Arizona threatened to limit the freedom of the press in a heated dialogue surrounding her stance on the death penalty Friday.

Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs threatened to use a boot on the press after a reporter asked for the governor’s stance on the death penalty at a press conference

Hobbs had just announced that due to an executive order she passed, along with the support of Attorney General Kris Mayes, the state was pausing all executions until Arizona’s capital punishment process is reviewed by an independent commissioner.

Could you clarify what your position is on the death penalty?” a reporter asked Hobbs.

“I don’t necessarily think that’s relevant here. We just want to make sure that we’re studying the practices,” the recently elected Democrat responded.

“The people of Arizona probably have [a right to know],” the reporter continued.

We “want to know where you stand personally on the death penalty. Can you tell us?” the male reporter further pressed.

A distressed female staffer can be heard interjecting as the reporter tried to get an answer out of the governor. “Well she said she’s not going to tell you!” the staffer exclaimed, prompting awkward laughter from Gov. Hobbs.

“How many times do you want her to say the same thing over and over?” the angry staffer added.

“Don’t make me use this boot,” Hobbs added, threatening all the press not to ask her questions about the death penalty.

Watch the video below:

“With the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry now under new leadership, it’s time to address the fact that this is a system that needs better oversight on numerous fronts,” Hobbs said of the death penalty process review, according to Fox News. “Arizona has a history of mismanaged executions that have resulted in serious questions and concerns about ADCRR’s execution protocols and lack of transparency. I’m confident that under Director Thornell, ADCRR will take this executive action seriously.”

The state of Arizona currently has over 100 inmates on death row and resumed state-led executions last year, after a nearly 8-year-long hiatus.

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