Video: Indiscriminate Violence Grips Miami During Black Spring Break

Last Updated on March 20, 2023


Video footage recorded in Miami, Florida shows black spring breakers rioting in the streets, attacking motorists, and destroying restaurants among other things as the city once again deals with a massive outbreak of violence coinciding with the annual collegiate celebration. So far, at least two people have been murdered and the city’s Mayor has declared a state of emergency.

The footage from Miami shows mobs of black spring breakers destroying a vehicle as two occupants sit inside helpless, with dozens of individuals taking turns jumping on the car, smashing its windows, and, apparently, trying to make their way inside of it. Additional footage featured in the video clip below shows a group of female spring breakers destroying a restaurant, and another video clip shows a mob of men and women alike ruthlessly beating each other on a beachfront strip.

The spring break violence in Miami mirrors issues experienced in recent years in the city, as the occasion has repeatedly been marked by mayhem, destruction, and even death.

This year, Miami’s Mayor, in collaboration with the police, has been forced to implement a midnight curfew and has declared a state of emergency after back-to-back shootings took the lives of two people and injured two more. It marks the second consecutive year that the curfew and state of emergency have been implemented after spring break homicides.

Watch the disturbing video footage of black spring break violence below:

Despite the extraordinary levels of violence, the NAACP and other left-wing racial groups have been vocal in their opposition to police officers enforcing the law on “black and brown” spring breakers.

In a 2021 op-ed published in the Miami Herald, Daniella Pierre of the Miami NAACP bemoaned the “phenomenon” of local police arresting rowdy party-goers, claiming that it’s a symbol of racial oppression and that enforcing the law is a dated by-product of the Jim Crow South.

“After years of documented mistreatment by the city and its police department, you’d think by now their approaches would be more congenial when Black and brown people visit,” Pierre wrote, adding that the NAACP, along with the ACLU, approached the police department with a set of recommendations on how to handle crime from “black and brown” spring break attendees and how to make spring break “enjoyable for everyone.”

“Unfortunately, city officials and [the] police department chose not to move forward on programming recommendations,” from the NAACP and the ACLU, wrote Pierre.

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