Video: Stew Peters Demolishes Murderous Medical Industrial Complex in Pandemic Victims Panel Speech

Last Updated on September 30, 2022

Nationally-syndicated TV news host Stew Peters demolished the murderous “medical industrial complex” and called for the removal of the “corporate government crime syndicate” that’s ruling America in a speech he gave this week to the Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law Panel.

The host of the nationally-broadcast self-titled Stew Peters Show joined the Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law Panel this week and delivered scathing remarks demolishing the “medical industrial complex” and “corporate government crime syndicate” responsible for destroying the lives of millions. As part of the panel, victims of pandemic policy and mandates were able to testify directly to lawmakers on how their lives were turned upside down by the Communist China-born COVID scheme.

“There is no other way to label what is happening in our medical industrial complex other than murder for money and cash for killing,” Peters said. “And it is 100% intentional,” he went on, exposing the horrifying statistics that show just how dangerous COVID jabs, “treatments,” and policies really are.

Stew Peters Show: 16-Year-Old Boy Drops Dead After Taking Pfizer Jab

“Remdesivir failed. [It] was kicked out of an African ebola trial after over 54% – which is a ‘low number’ – of the people who received that death serum died after getting it,” Peters told the Pandemic Victims Panel.

“Remember the cross-dressing, freak show, nipple ring-wearing Andrew Cuomo giving his daily updates on coronavirus response? Knowingly sending tens of thousands of elderly people to their graves! He knew exactly what he was doing the entire time and anybody that tries to gaslight you and tell you that that was an accident is a full-blown liar. Period!”

“These people know exactly what they are doing,” Peters said.

“We have no form of a representative government in this country, the government is fake. What we have now is a corporate government crime syndicate, no different from the Mafia. This is mob rule in this country,” Peters went on, calling for the removal of corporate government criminals from the levers of power.

Under the US Constitution, Peters said, “we would be derelict as Americans if we did not tear down and abolish and replace any form of oppressive or tyrannical government that infringes on our Constitutional, inherent, god-given, inalienable rights!”

Watch Stew Peters eviscerate the medical industrial complex and government mafia HERE

Watch the full recording of the Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law Panel HERE

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