Virginia: Desperate GOP’er Accuses Pro-Trump Opponent of ‘Assault’; Video Footage, Eyewitness Disprove Her

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

Virginia GOP Delegate Marie March, who is poised to lose her seat in next year’s primaries after being drawn into the same district as former Trump election attorney Wren Williams, has charged her upcoming opponent with assault in an apparent effort of desperation. In spite of March’s claims, video evidence and eye-witness testimony completely refute the accusation that Delegate Wren Williams “struck” her shoulder with his after he “approached” her in a meeting room lobby.

7th District Delegate Marie March charged 9th District Delegate Wren Williams with assault on September 24th, claiming that Williams had “struck” her with his shoulder as he “approached” her in the lobby of a Wytheville, VA GOP event. The two Republican Delegates have been drawn into the same district for Virginia’s 2023 elections, and the legal action from March appears to be an act of political desperation as Williams, a former Trump election attorney, is wildly popular among the district’s conservative grassroots majority.

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March’s charges against Williams come as she actively seeks to switch the district’s nominating format to a convention, to lock grassroots Williams supporters out and seize the nomination with the support of local party bosses.

In body cam footage taken from a police officer who responded to March’s call, Marie March claims that “when he walked past me, he slammed me as hard as he could,” and said that “everybody saw it.”

“Literally, probably 20 people witnessed it,” a gleeful March told the responding officer, before claiming that she was being “picked on” by Williams.

After March told the officer that she’d like to file charges and would accompany him to the magistrate’s office, a local GOP member and supporter of March’s came over to tell the officer that he didn’t like the way Williams had debated politics with him.

Despite Marie March’s claims that she’d been “assaulted” by Wren Williams when he “struck” her with his shoulder as he walked past, an eyewitness account and video evidence tell a far different tale.

As reported by Virginia’s Cardinal News, surveillance footage of the moments in question has been released, and it doesn’t show the confrontation that March describes.

In the video, Wren Williams is seen walking towards a group of people that reportedly includes Marie March. As he walks past, he brushes into her, turns around to apologize, and leaves six seconds later.

In additional footage released by the Cardinal News, Marie March is seen theatrically demonstrating the shoulder brush to the police, showing them the way she says she was forced to throw her arms up in the air and thrust her body backward. None of those movements, or anything resembling them, are seen in the footage of the alleged altercation.

Marie March’s assault claims against Wren Williams have also been refuted by an eyewitness, who says she is “shocked and appalled and disgusted” by what Marie March has done.

“[Wren Williams] didn’t bump [Marie March] hard at all. It was just like if you passed someone in the airport and brushed against their shoulder. She didn’t waver at all or even move,” Debra Atwell said in a press release, explaining what she’d seen.

“He did not veer to hit her…As soon as they had the shoulder tap, Wren turned around and said, ‘Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry,” Ms. Atwell explained, saying she thought nothing of what happened until March’s accusations hit the newspaper.

“I think these charges are ludicrous,” says Atwell. “When I saw the Roanoke Times on Monday, I was shocked and appalled and disgusted that Marie March had blown this so far out of proportion – way, way out of proportion. Marie’s response has been ludicrous and crazy.”

Wren Williams, an attorney by trade, says he will fight to allow the truth to prevail against March, accusing her of “truly unhinged behavior” and of “putting spectacle over decency.”

“It is sickening that March has continued to double-down on her lies to police officers that evening, claiming this was ‘Assault and Battery,’” says Wren Williams.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he goes on. “This is truly unhinged behavior. March is putting spectacle over decency, and that is unbecoming of an elected official.”

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