Retailers nationwide are beginning to rethink self-checkout at their locations
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SHOPPERS frustrated with self-checkout machines will have to learn to live with it as experts have warned the controversial method is here to stay.

As many retailers nationwide examine the future of self-checkout, several companies worldwide are beginning to yank the machines from their stores.

Retailers nationwide are beginning to rethink self-checkout at their locations

Retailers nationwide are beginning to rethink self-checkout at their locationsCredit: Getty
Despite retail theft, experts believe the controversial method is here to stay

Despite retail theft, experts believe the controversial method is here to stayCredit: Getty

A rise of retail theft has companies like Canadian Tires, Walmart, and a United Kingdom’s Booth grocery chain either ditching or rethinking self-checkout kiosks.

To boost sales and fend off theft, several stores have started making changes, including thronging more customer support staff at self-checkout areas.

Other companies have even enhanced anti-theft protocols or, in Target’s case, are testing limits on the number of items customers can purchase at self-checkout.

As retailers continue to monitor the practice’s fate at their locations, several experts expect technological changes to come to self-checkout aisles in the future.

“It may simply be too late for stores to turn their back on self-checkout,” CNN reported.

“Stores today are catering to shoppers who perceive self-checkout to be faster than traditional cashiers, even though there’s little evidence to support that.

“But, because customers are doing the work, rather than waiting in line, the experience can feel like it’s moving more quickly.

“Store owners have also seen competitors installing self-checkout and determined they don’t want to miss out.”

Meanwhile, some question whether companies are earning a profit from kiosks replacing workers despite theft at self-checkout.

“With all the theft at self-checkout, the labor cost-saving of the kiosks must outweigh the profits lost – otherwise why have them?” Delish reported.

“But scamming grocery stores could get more difficult as companies create new technologies to prevent theft.”

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