Do Lyndie Greenwood And Ben Jamieson Have A Child? Married Life, Parents, Net Worth & Salary

As of 2022, Lyndie Greenwood and Ben Jamieson do not have a child yet. 

It has been almost three years since both couples tied the Knot. However, they do not share any information related to kids on the media. Neither Lyndie nor her spouse Ben has mentioned her plans to have a baby.

Lyndie is a famous Canadian actress who has struggled hard to pursue her dreams. She might not want to spoil or take a break from her career by having a child.

Furthermore, she might not want to get distracted from her acting career by having a kid. This might be why Greenwood and Ben are yet to become parents.

Lyndie Greenwood and Her Husband’s Anniversary

On April 19, 2021, actress Lyndie Greenwood uploaded a picture of her husband enjoying quality time together.

They had a glass of champagne in their hands as they enjoyed their two years walking down the aisle. “That’s two years married,” the beautiful actress captioned the post.

She also jokingly wished themselves a happy 19th anniversary since she left the year 2020 with seventeen years.

Both couples live a beautiful and happy married life celebrating occasions, loving each other, and having fun. They keep traveling to different places to keep their mind fresh.

Are Lyndie And Her Husband Happy With Their Married Life?

Lyndie and her husband, Ben Jamieson, are happy with their married life. Both of them seem to be supportive and caring to each other.

Lyndie has mentioned that her husband motivates her to pursue her dream into reality. She felt so blessed to get such a caring and motivational husband in her life.

Greenwood and her partner both love traveling and exploring new places. They keep uploading pictures on their social media, traveling, and visiting different unknown locations.

Furthermore, they have the same choice, and it looks like they both are made for each other. They hold each other’s hand in the ups and downs of their life. 

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